Wednesday, 14 October 2020

A Quick Apology

 For the last few years I've been working with nothing more than an expensive windows tablet with a terrible touch sensitive haptic 'keyboard', after my old desktop PC died. It hasn't been fun. Then late August / early September I woke to find a massive crack across the keyboard, which no longer worked. It had been a bit iffy on charging for the few months prior but now it wouldn't even do that. 

That's why I haven't posted anything since June, as I couldn't use a decent keyboard with it and have it running for long enough to write anything.  I also couldn't work on anything as my notes and game books were all on an SD card on the tablet. 2020 has sucked al around so far.

But that's changed. Last week was my birthday and I was gifted with a refurbished gaming desktop PC and multimonitor display. There's even a slot for my SD card. I can now work to my hearts desire. 

So naturally I've been playing Space Engineer for the last week.

It's going to take a while but I fully intend to get back to blogging here.

Any day now


Yūma Kuga, World Trigger; by Daisuke Ashihara

Saturday, 6 June 2020

Heroes Unlimited: Phenomenal Paragons: Versus Special: The Techtite Heist, part one. The Sanctum Slugfest

We join the Belladonna Gang as they survey their new home; the disused Sanctum Hotel. Owned by the Strickland Mob, through a tangle of front companies it would take a diligent team of forensic accountants a week to navigate. Now made all the more complex by the insertion of Mooie Vrouw Acquisitions into the mix.
Penn Central Station, Detroit, makes a great substitute (from Wikipedia)
 "It's a shit hole!" Essa looked around at the musty, plaster dust strewn, halls.
 "It's been empty for more than a decade," said Lucky, defensively. "We're lucky that it still has power."
 "It was majestic once though." Keys said.
 "I think it's still majestic." Topaz smiled.
They stood in the grand reception, a room that rose three stories up the interior of the hotel. Previous occupants, ironically a demon-worshiping cult, had used it as a place for their rituals until The August had stopped them and their world-ending plot.

Now it was the scene of a photo-shoot. Belladonna looked like Athena stepped down from Mount Olympus, dressed in gleaming armour, a bow over her shoulder, a quiver of arrows at her hip, stood upon the infernal altar. A dozen models of all genders, and including Aditi as the thirteenth, gathered around her dressed in diaphanous gowns that left little to the imagination. At least half of them had already developed the dazed look of adoration that Lucky had begun to recognise as the effect of Belladonna's power. All she had said was "Join me."

That had mostly been for the benefit of Fern, Wei Ruzhu. Or was that Ruzhu Wei? She was Aditi's agent. They'd used her to organise the shoot, but she scared Lucky. He'd recognised her as one of the Ruzhu Wu, a tong that ran several successful businesses in Little Hong Kong, and had connections to a triad of the same name over in actual Hong Kong. Lucky didn't want Belladonna to abduct her and start a turf war with the triads.

But Belladonna had been looking daggers at the strangely metallic skinned Chinese woman ever since she'd declined the command. Possibly the self proclaimed goddess was annoyed she'd been told "No". Or possibly it was because of the two of them the Chinese born woman was the more attractive.

Lucky was distracted from his musings when Essa elbowed him in the ribs.
 "You're staring," she said, returning his scowl.
 "I was wondering how she makes her skin look like that."
 "You're interested in beauty tips? We can always go over and ask."
 "Maybe she's a mutant?" Keys suggested.
 "Tammie!" scolded Topaz, "You can't go throwing around the M-word like that! Just because someone looks weird it doesn't mean that they're mutated. I mean look at me."
 "I know that you're not babe, you had the test, but yeah weirdness usually goes hand in hand with being a mutant."
 "I bet you a tenner," Topaz glared at her friend, "She's not a mutant."

 "I'm a mutant," Wei replied in her heavily accented English. Topaz silently handed Keys a ten pound note. Wei held out her hand and thin splinters bloodlessly pierced through the skin of her palm, extruding out from within. They quickly merged and grew together until she held a chess pawn her hand. She passed it over to Lucky who examined it. It had the same metallic glint and colour as Wei's skin, had a texture like wood and was, in many ways, similar to bamboo in weight and density, even though it was solid.
 "That's an impressive ability," Lucky said.
 "So what's your friend's intentions towards my si-mui?"
 "Your what?"
 "Si-mui. It means little sister. We have the same sifu; martial arts teacher. Aditi is like a sister to me."
 "They're in love." Lucky said.
 "Are they? Because I felt that whatever your friend tried on me and I know about that bank job last week."
 "The mistress's divinity binds the weak willed." Lucky spoke without inflection, as if repeating something verbatim. Which wasn't too far off the truth. He was paraphrasing something Belladonna had said earlier regarding why Aditi now followed her around like a puppy. Wei's eyes narrowed to slits.
 "Aditi isn't weak willed. I know for a fact she can easily resist this sort of influence. It's part of our training."
 "People can be trained to resist mind control?" asked Topaz.
 "Yes. You would be surprised how many would subvert the free will of our sisters for their own gratifications."
 "Not really."
 "It is a shame we did not meet when you were younger. You could have learned much." Wei then stuck two fingers between her lips and whistled loudly. As people's eyes turned towards her she took a step forward, raising a hand to circle above her head. "That's a wrap!" she declared. "I'm not sure on the safety of the site. Everyone get your things. Come on! Let's go people!" She clapped her hands together for emphasis.
Slightly less than half the models had moved away from the altar, the rest gathering around Belladonna. Wei counted seven, and Aditi.
<Little sister, come over, we need to talk,> Wei said in her native Cantonese.
<We can talk in English, big sister,> Aditi replied. <My love understands all languages with ease.>
<You cannot love her.>
<I can't? Why not?>
<You've never shown any interest in women before. I would have noticed. She is controlling you.>
<Perhaps. To begin with. But I have chosen to accept these feelings she has gifted me with. Not be driven mad by them.>
"You are jealous," Belladonna said. "You want my pet for your own. Join in worship of me and she will warm your bed whenever she does not occupy mine." Aditi's eyes hardened for a brief moment before a warm smile spread across her face.
"A good offer," she said. Then in Cantonese, <You should leave now, while you can, or join us in worship.>
"No," said Wei, reverting to English. "Please, last chance Aditi; come with me now. Before I have to make you."Aditi shook her head. Wei winced against the savage earworm that had suddenly afflicted her.

A length of wood sprouted from Wei's hand and she grasped it before glancing back at Topaz. "I'm sorry."
"You will b..." Topaz began, raising her huge fists, before grunting as something like a hard finger poked her in the back of her right knee. Her whole leg went numb. A second poke at the base of her spine was followed by a third where her skull met her neck. "...eeeeee..." she sighed as she went cross-eyed, her mouth dropping open to drool, and she slowly folded to the dusty floor like a poorly erected deckchair. Lowered gently into the recovery position by four finger thick, wood patterned, glittering tentacles.
Aditi continued to smile as she picked up a length of wood and stepped forward to meet her friend. The last of the models not under Belladonna's sway fleeing the former hotel as the photographer stood by the door and began to shoot the unfolding scene.
Hey look at me. I'm a badass mighty female and I'm about to kick all your arses.
"Defend me!" Belladonna commanded.

The six seduced subjects gather around their new goddess and link arms. Forming a human wall  around her. Aditi stands between them and Wei. About 20 feet away from each. Topaz is essentially out cold for 6 minutes. She's conscious, but not able to move. The remaining three members of the gang are all standing within reach of Wei. Poor them.

Round 1, Initiative: Belladonna 23, Wei 16 (22 within 16'), Keys 16, Essa 13, Models 9, Aditi 8 (14 within 6'), Lucky 6.

Belladonna doesn't bother reaching for the quiver on her hip. Instead she just draws the bow and a bolt of lightning arcs between string and arrow rest. She looses the bolt and it flies the short distance between her and Wei. Wei sees it coming and dances aside, the lightning splashing on the ground. She lances out with one of her tentacles and strikes Lucky just below the left knee. He cries out in surprise as he's hit by one of Wei's tentacles. Even though his knee and lower leg is numb he remains standing, on his right leg. Keys and Essa both swing at Wei with their baseball bats. Keys swings wide as Wei's staff intercepts Essa's bat. One of the models starts singing "We will not be moved" but nobody else wants to take them up on it. Aditi moves forward, twirling her staff.  Wei parries her blow too. Lucky is rooting inside Topaz's jacket for something.

Belladonna shoulders her bow and draws her bullwhip. Wei tries to tentacle poke Essa, but she parries easily. Keys swings her bat but Wei parries once more. Same with Essa and Aditi. Looks like she can do this all day. But it's only been a few seconds. Lucky is still rooting.

Belladonna rushes from the stage to close to whipping range, her cadre of mind-controlled models following along like startled goslings. (She's something like two to three times faster than most of them). Wei smiles as all her major opponents are within her zone of perception. She tentacle pokes Belladonna (having rolled a 19 on her save versus Awe), causing her to drop her whip and lose the use of that hand for what should be the next 6 minutes. But since she recovers three times faster than any mortal I rule that it's only going to be 2. Keys miraculously catches Wei with the end of her bat as the other woman is twisting away. It's barely even a glancing blow. But it's still a hit. Essa and Aditi both miss again. Lucky has finally found what he's looking for, pulling a revolver from Topaz's jacket and aiming it at Wei.

Belladonna takes a few steps back, out of the range of Wei's tentacles, and fires of a one-handed energy bolt spell at Wei. It arcs around Aditi and strikes Wei from an unexpected angle (dealing 21 damage, as The Sanctum sits on one of the three main Ley Nexi on the island). Wei responds by tucking her  staff under one arm and raising the thus freed hand past Aditi's ear and launching a volley of arrows from her fingertips. All four strike Belladonna, all but one bypassing her armour (She takes 17 damage and the armour takes 4). She then returns to her dance with Keys, Essa and Aditi, parrying all their attacks. Lucky spoils it when he shoots her. Thankfully she's again turning and it does minimal damage (7 points) as it creases across her left arm.

Belladonna starts pulling arrows from her flesh. One at a time. Wei uses her neural atemi to disable Lucky's right hand (for 9 minutes) and he drops the gun. Aditi strikes at Wei, who parries her attack.

Belladonna removes the remaining two arrows while Wei uses her tentacle strikes to disable Lucky and remove him from play (for 6 minutes).

Round 2, Initiative: Wei 23, Belladonna 17, Essa 11, Aditi 7, Keys 5. Wei loses 1 hit point from her bullet wound, and Belladonna loses 3 from her arrow wounds.

Realising that she can't let Belladonna get off another energy blast Wei surges around Aditi and closes on the demi-goddess, striking at her other hand with her tentacles. Belladonna tries to evade but fails to do so(, losing the use of her off-hand for the next 10 rounds). Belladonna, who was about to cast Heal Self because bleeding is ungodly, instead performs an acrobatic kick. Wei tries to raise her staff to block the kick but fails to do so. (Belladonna rolls nat. 20; a critical strike. Despite rolling minimal damage she does 34 points of it. 22 points of it are soaked by Wei's remaining S.D.C. and the remaining 12 blow through to hit points. This is more than 10% of her hit points; actually 20%. Rolling on the Minor Wounds table I get a sprained shoulder; heavy dice. Wei takes a 3 point penalty to prowess, nixing her inherent strike and parry bonuses, and a further -2 to parry. It's going to take her 8 days to recover). Essa follows in with her bat but Wei parries with a tentacle (I'm not sure the penalty should apply, but even with it she'd successfully parry). Aditi goes for her friend and agent but swings wide. Keys also winds up and is also parried by a tentacle. The models finally catch up and surround Belladonna again.

Wei spends a few moments armouring up. Belladonna (having read the rules and found that there's nothing about needing to gesture to cast spells I decide that being unable to gesture halves the amount of P.P.E. she can channel) decides to get back to that healing spell (It'll take 2 actions to complete). Essa takes another swing and is parried, Aditi swings and misses, but Keys hits (and crits. 7 damage doubled bypasses armour and drops Wei past 50% hit points. She gets a head wound; -5% to all skills and -2 speed for the next... it doesn't say. I'm going to guess until it's healed), clocking Wei on the head just before her helm fully forms.

Head ringing Wei tentacle-pokes Belladonna in the face. She collapses (for 10 rounds again), her unfinished spell fizzing. Essa misses. Aditi hits. She narrowly bypasses both Wei's parry and armour, giving her a nasty bruise to the ribs. (Wei takes 5 damage after a successful roll with impact. That's still enough hit point damage to cause a minor wound. She's penalised another 3 points of speed, 1 point of prowess and 3 of strength.) Keys is deflected.

Wei then tentacle-pokes Keys, causing her to lose the use of her dominant hand (for 8 minutes). Essa and Aditi are both deflected. Keys, who tried to dodge Wei's tentacles, lost their last action in the process.

Wei turns her tentacles to Essa and disables her dominant hand (for 9 minutes) too. She also parries Aditi.

Now unchallenged for a few seconds Wei disarms Aditi and then grapples her while attempting to order the mesmerised models out of the hotel. I'll save you her indellicate language but due to her skill she is unchallenged and all 6 models start moving for the doors.

Round 3, Initiative: Wei & Aditi 13, Essa & Keys 1.

Wei, carrying Aditi in two tentacles, rises up on four and springs away, leaping over everyone's heads. She lands ninety feet away, near the door. Aditi tries to break free of the pseudopods binding her but passes out from her efforts (Wei rolled high enough in the contest to get a KO/Stun result). Essa and Keys are powerless to stop her. Combat ends.

Wei retracts her tentacles, puts Aditi into a fireman's lift over her good shoulder, and staggers over to the photographer. She puts out her hand for his camera.
"You work for me." she reminds him, "I see any recognisable pictures of me online or in the press? You never work in this town again!" He reluctantly turns the camera over to her and they all leave.

An hour later, at the Ruzhu Wu compound
Something like this
<You can't keep her prisoner Wei.> The speaker is May, Wei's mother, who looks twenty years younger than her actual age of 69.
<Mother! They were controlling her mind. They made her think she was in love with this Belladonna woman. I couldn't leave her!> Wei sits at the kitchen table, her head bandaged, her left arm in a sling. She winces as she turns to look at the third woman in the kitchen. <Deny it. Prove you've abandoned everything you've built for a life of crime out of your own free will!> Aditi lowers her cup of tea to the table and sighs.
"Okay, yeah," she says, switching to English. "At first I was, I don't know, ensorcelled or something. But then I got angry. Belladonna is an actual goddess. Stripped of her power and exiled here. Imagine that! It'd be like us being turned into ants. And then the first person she meets is Lucky Strickland! He's using her! They all are. They can use her powers and then get off scot-free by claiming she made them do it. They'll do the crime and she'll do the time! Imagine what would have happened if she'd met you first, Fern" Aditi said, using Wei's English forename. Wei hesitates; thinking.
<With her presence and voice? I'd give her a job of course. With the right skills she could be a singer, an actress, even a diplomat. She'd be a millionaire inside five years, just from the money she could make from modelling.>
"Exactly. That's why I need to go back. I can gather evidence from the inside and blow the whole scheme when the time comes."
<I don't like it, you don't have the skillset for undercover work.> This last speaker was Hope, Wei's sister-in-law, and detective in Guardian City Metropolitan Police Force. Aditi laughed.
"I'm an actor, detective, and I can take care of myself." She nodded at Wei who winced again and rubbed her bruised ribs.
<She can do it,> Wei confirmed, <I'm still not sure she should.> She sighed again. <You've twelve weeks then we're coming for you again. That should give you enough time to recover from the thrashing I'm going to give you, before your next big project.>
Aditi stood, bowed and gave the school's traditional salute.
<Big sisters,> she said, <Training Mother. I'll see you soon> With that she climbed out the nearest window. Behind her she heard Hope begin to chastise Wei.
<Can you not threaten...!>

Monday, 27 April 2020

Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Wei-Wei

And this little piggy went... all the way home.

Born in 1989 Wei-Wei was obviously different from the outset, with a metallic glint to her skin. The full extent of her mutant abilities didn't become evident until her third year. The hide-and-seek incident was terrifying for her family. She vanished and then was found, apparently dead, in a cupboard. Only for her to suddenly awake with a giggle. The wood and tentacles were a surprise, but much less so.

1999 was the year Hong Kong was due to be handed back to China, and China's attitude towards mutants was well known. Not wanting their daughter taken and enslaved, the family made the difficult decision to split up. Wei-Wei and her mother, Mei-Mei, moved away to Ennor on the eve of the handover. Before her tenth birthday Wei-Wei found herself uprooted to a new country, a new island, and a new city, without her father and brothers. It was less traumatic than expected. The old fashioned Chinese buildings of Little Hong Kong made the neighbourhood feel quaint and homely. The great-aunt with the ailing restaurant business was kind and welcoming. The cousins less so, after Mei-Mei took over and rescued the restaurant. But the community backed her up, especially after she created the "Little Princesses Club".

Wei-Wei had already begun her training in Wui Wing-Chun but some of her new friends expressed an interest in learning. Her mother encourage the interest and what started as mother and daughter's after-school practice became an after-school club for girls of all ages in the neighbourhood. Beyond, even, when a Hindi family from Banger Town enrolled their daughter, Aditi, into the club; forming a bond between the two communities that blossoms to this day.

When she was 16 Wei-Wei was headhunted by a modelling agency. She didn't like how toxic the industry was but persevered through the five years she was in-vogue for. After 'retiring' at the age of 22 she started up her own agency, vowing that the people she represents will be treated well. Many of her clients are alumni of the Little Princesses Club, including Bollywood actress Aditi Rao.

The following year two of her brothers, Happy and Piggy, moved to Ennor with their families. Happy took over running the restaurant, Piggy and his wife, Sandi, opened a burlesque club in an adjoining building already owned by the family.

Then the person her brothers had come to Ennor to evade caught up with them, dragging a secret niece and the girl's mother, along with her. This Deidre "Dye-Daii" Long; literally the "Big-Bad Wolf"; abducted the Ruzhu family and held them hostage until Lucky and Red surrendered to her. Long's first action after capturing the entire Ruzhu family was to murder the abducted girl's mother. Both the girl and Red erupted with power at the shock. She, Wei-Yu, became a winged phantom sylph while Red transformed into a molten scarlet, demonic, figure of fire. As Red rushed Long and Wei-Yu wailed over the body of her mother. Wei-Wei took the opportunity to free herself and her family, each joining the fight in turn. Long, and her minions, were a match for the smaller group of mutants but the tide was turned when local masked vigilantes, guided by the Little Princesses, arrived in force.

Long was quickly overwhelmed and captured. Then imprisoned. Everything went back to what passes as normal for the Ruzhu family. At least for the next seven years or so.

Name: Ruzhu "Fern" Wei-Wei
Super Identity: Bamboo
Level: 6, Mutant
Height: 5'9", Weight: 120 lbs, Age: 30.
Alignment: Taoist.
Disposition: .
IQ 24, ME 21, MA 18, PS 19 (29*), PP 17, PE 23, PB 33, Spd 25
Hit Points 48, S.D.C. 52, P.P.E. 25, Chi 38.
(*Tentacles; Supernatural strength)

Age of Awakening: 3 (Although most of her mutant characteristics were evident from birth)
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration.
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation (4 random, 3 cosmetic)
Eyes: Independent Eyes.
Animal 1: Hibernation: Only needs 10% oxygen when hibernating; no food nor water required. Appears dead except to medical examination.
  1. Level 1 Hibernation: Takes 2 actions and lasts for up to 23 hours. She is completely aware and can leave hibernation at any time for the cost of no actions.
  2. Level 2 Hibernation: Tales 4d6 minutes to enter from level 1 and lasts up to 11.5 months. Takes 5d6 minutes to leave. She is completely unaware for duration and must decide how long hibernation will last when she enters it.
Neural: Extraordinary IQ.
Combat: Retractable Knee & Elbow Spikes. +1d6 damage to knee & elbow strikes. +1 Horror Factor when extended.
Skin: Sunproof Skin: Half damage from Light
Face: Angelic Face:
Skin: Metallic (but otherwise normal complexion)

Superpowers: 2 major
Matter Expulsion: Wood: +10% climbing wooden structures.
  • Shoot Wooden Arrows from finger tips: range of 600'. 1 to 4 arrows per action, doing 1d8 damage each.
  • Splinter Blast: Generates 3d6+10 splinters in a foot wide cone with a range of 25'. Does only 1d6 damage to bare  skin. However splinters also cause -1 to initiative, attack and parry rolls due to pain. Also penalise skills use by -10%; -30% if using affected area. Each splinter takes 1 action to remove.
  • Create Wooden Object: Can create up to 19 lbs of wood for 1 action. Remains for 1d4 minutes after being discarded. Weapons created in this manner do normal damage. Effective against vampires and some other supernatural creatures.
  • Create Wooden Armour: Can wrap herself (only) in wooden armour with an AR of 12 and 125 S.D.C.. Floats on water.
Prodigious Multiple Arms: 6 Tentacles: Each tentacle has a supernatural PS of 29 and length of up to 10 feet. Climbing with tentacles grants a Superior Climbing Skill. Each pair of tentacles used in combat grants an extra action. Each individual tentacle grants a +1 to strike, parry and entangle. Each tentacle is finger thick and appears to  be made out of segmented wood/bamboo.

Natural Skills:
Charm/Impress 98%, Superior Climbing 97%, Trust/Intimidate 50%.
Scholastic Skills:
Aerobics, Basic Maths 98%, Business & Finance 98%, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Climbing 98% (Rappelling 95%), Command +70%/+105%, Computer Ops 98%, Confidence Talking 98%, Contacts 56%, Disguise 98%, English Language 98%, Fasting 98%, Gymnastics (Balance 98%, Bars & Rings 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%), Mandarin Language 98%, Philosophy: Taoism (Feminist) 98%, Prowl 95%, Research 98%, Swimming 98%,
Combat Skills:
Ch'in-na (Secondary Martial Arts), W.P. Archery, W.P. Knives, W.P. Paired Weapons, W.P. Staff, W.P. Naginata, Wui Wing-Chun Kung Fu (Primary Martial Arts).
Martial Arts Skills: (All Atemi are derived from Ch'in-na; all Katas from Wui Wing-Chun)
Art of Disguise 98%, Blood Flow Atemi, Body Chi, Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat, Chi Relaxation), Grasping Atemi, Healing Atemi, Kata of Five Principles, Neural Atemi, Martial Arts Awareness, Special Martial Arts Bonus, Windmill Kata.
Secondary Skills:
Art (Make Up) 75%, Carpentry 65%, English Literacy 70%, First Aid 75%, Juggling 75%, Marathon, Running, W.P. Blunt, W.P. Shield, W.P. Spear, W.P. Throwing.

Coma/Death: +16%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +4
Horror Factor: +0
Insanity: +4
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +4
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +4
Psionics (15+): +3
Possession: +0

Initiative: +0; +1 Thrown, +6 within 16', +7 Thrown within 16'.
Attacks per Round: 2+1; (+3 Ch'in-na), (+5 Wui Wing-Chun); +1 per 2 tentacles.
Strike: +1; +3 Blunt (+6 Thrown), +2 Ch'in-na, +4 Knife (+9 Thrown Knife), +4 spear (+8 Thrown), +3 Staff (+6 Thrown), +2 Shield (+4 Thrown), +2 Wui Wing Chun; +1 per tentacle.
Damage: +4 (+9 Ch'in-na; +6 Wui wing Chun); +28 with tentacles.
 1 Fingertip Strike (Ch'in-na).
 1d4 Backhand (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4 Crush (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4 Forearm (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4 Punch (Ch'in-na & Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d6 Claw Hand (Ch'in-na).
 1d6 Knife Hand (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d6 Palm Strike (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d6 Tonfa
 1d8 Double Knuckle Fist (Wui Wing-Chun).
2d4 Gymnastic Kick.
 1d10 Power Punch (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d10 Flying Jump Kick (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4+1d6 Elbow (Wui Wing-Chun).
 2d6 Knee (Wui Wing-Chun).
 2d6 Staff
Parry: +3; +5 Blunt, +5 Ch'in-na, +6 Knife, +6 Shield, +5 Staff, +6 Wui Wing-Chun; additional +1 per tentacle; additional +2 within 16'.
Dodge: +1; +3 Ch'in-na, +4 Wui Wing-Chun; additional +4 within 16'.
Automatic Parry: Additional +2 vs. multiple attackers only. Kata of Five Principles.
 Automatically deflects all muscle-powered ranged attacks. Windmill Kata.
Automatic Dodge: Additional +2 vs. multiple attackers only. Kata of Five Principles.
Special Attacks:
 Blood Flow Atemi: Any fingertip attack of 9< which hits does 1d8 damage (only; nou damage bonus), straight to hit points. (Ch'in-na)
 Crush/Squeeze: (Ch'in-na)
 Grab/Knee: Roll to grab opponent with both hands. Upon success roll to strike with knee for double damage. (Wui Wing-Chun)
 Grasping Atemi: Any hold of joint lock attack does 2d6+3 damage. (Ch'in-na)
 Hand Hold/Strike: Two handed strike, requiring two rolls. First to grab opponent's hand and the second to strike. Does an additional +3 damage but prevents dodges and parries for rest of round. (Wui Wing-Chun)
 Neural Atemi: Successful (Ch'in-na) attack can paralyze a limb for 2d6 minutes. on the third successful paralysis attack against the same opponent they suffer full body paralysis for 2d6 minutes. Breathing and heartbeat are unaffected. (Ch'in-na)
 Parry/Strike: Once per round may parry a single opponent and then immediately attack them with zero bonuses to strike. (Wui Wing-Chun)
 Pin/Incapacitate: 18+ (Ch'in-na)
Roll with Punch: +3 (+4 with Wood Armour); +5 (+6) Ch'in-na, +7 (+8) Wui Wing-Chun.
Pull Punch: +0 (+3 with tentacles)
Disarm: +0 (+3 with tentacles)
Balance: +0; +1 Ch'in-na, +3 (Wui Wing-Chun)
Critical: 18+ Auto from behind; (Ch'in-na & Wui Wing-Chun)
KO/Stun: Nat. 20 (Ch'in-na), Nat. 19+ (Wui Wing-Chun)
Killing Blow: Nat. 20 (Ch'in-na)

Carry Capacity: 380 (5,800*) lbs; Lifting: 760 (8,700*) lbs.
Stamina: Carry Max 92 minutes, 46 minutes while running or fighting. Lifting for 23 rounds (345 seconds; 5.75 minutes)
Ground Speed: 17.5 mph for 23 minutes. (6.7 miles)
Swimming Speed: 57 yrds (171ft.) per round for 23 minutes. (2.9 miles)
Leaping Distance: 4.75ft. (58ft.*) high; 9.5ft. (174ft.*) broad from a running start. 3.85ft. (34.8ft.*) high; 5.7ft. (104.4ft.*) broad from a standing start.

Monday, 20 April 2020

Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Minutes: Ruzhu Seiyu

This little piggy had none

Ruzhu Seiyu, "Piggy" to his friends, is now a well regarded Ennor business man, husband and father. But it wasn't always like this. You see Piggy was born under a curse, as the fourth son of the Ruzhu family. His twin, Happy, is only older by a few minutes, but that made all the difference between a lifetime of joy and one of sorrow.

But he didn't let superstition define him. He worked hard to overcome the perceived disadvantages  of his birth. By the time he was a young man he had a degree in philosophy, an offer of a teaching position at the university, and had met Xun Li Zhou. She was his first true love. Beautiful, intelligent, independent. She didn't need a man. That she chose to fall in love with him too was a blessing. They were young and successful; engaged to be married. So of course that's when the curse caught up to him.

On the way home from the family teahouse they were forced into an alley at gunpoint. Robbed. But when the man tried to take the engagement ring Li Zhou snapped and lashed out. The gun went off and... Li Zhou died in that alley, cradled in arms of her beloved, surrounded by filth.

Piggy tried to get on with his life. but every sleepless night he'd find himself wandering the streets, drawn inevitably to that alley. To the place where his love died. One day he never left. He abandoned career, home, family and life. Choosing to live, instead, on the street.

He expected to waste away and join his love in death. But the curse was not done with him. Instead he grew stronger, faster, tougher. Deep within him long dormant instincts woke. He changed on the outside too, becoming slightly more porcine in appearance. He used these new found strengths to help Hong Kong's other homeless. Soon rumours of a "pigman defender" spread.

Of course many discounted the stories as urban legend. Among these was a pimp who dragged one of his girls into a certain alley to "deal with" her and leave her corpse as a warning to the rest. Only he was confronted by a wall of muscle and rage. The pimp was the second person to leave that alley on a stretcher. When he came out of his coma, three years later, he was a transformed man. But that's another story.

The girl called herself "Sandi Soy" of all things. She decided that she owed Piggy her life. He dismissed such nonsense. He had thought, on some level, she was Li Zhou; that he had a second chance to save her. Or maybe she was trying to save him.

Sandi was an exotic dancer forced into prostitution by her 'agent'. Now that he was out of the picture she went back to her dancing. And she was very, very, good at it. Within the year one of the buildings beside the alley had opened into a high-end burlesque club, "The Naked Blade", and Piggy found himself unwillingly 'employed' as the stagedoor man. Protecting Sandi and the other dancers from overly amorous clients. As Sandi put it "You're out there anyway. Might as well help out."

Then Piggy's father was murdered and the brothers were brought back together. At first they thought Mr Long was responsible, but eventually realised that it was his adopted daughter Dye-Daii who was  behind the plot. They burned down her warehouse and destroyed her drug running operation. She clawed her way out of the ashes and came at the family again, destroying the tea house, Happy's home and The Naked Blade. In the end the brothers hunt her down to the abandoned Cheung Sha Wan abattoir. Leaving her for dead.

Piggy and Sandi had married and moved together above the club but after it had been trashed they sold it to Red, Joining with Happy and his family in moving to Ennor. There they opened up a new Naked Blade club. Sandi was expecting their daughter; Yi-Jing, "Joy".

The following year Dye-Daii came back from the dead and started abducting members of the family. Lucky and Red came to Ennor from Hong Kong, attempting to rescue Red's ex-girlfriend and their daughter, Wei-Yun, from Long. Unfortunately the family was reunited only briefly when Long murdered Wei-Yun's mother in front of Hung and the girl. The grief caused the mutant powers of both to erupt dramatically. Freeing the rest of the family, they collectively battled Long and her lackys in the disused gasometer she was using as a base. The conflict drew the attention of the local Mask community; Long was captured and sent to prison for murder. Where she languishes to this day.

Happy adopted Wei-Yun.

Name: Ruzhu "Piggy" Seiyu
Super Identity: Piggy
Level: 6, Mutant
Height: 5'10", Weight: 225 lbs, Age: 42.
Alignment: Taoist.
Disposition: .
IQ 13, ME 15, MA 23, PS 68, PP 26, PE 27, PB 24, Spd 148
Hit Points 45, S.D.C. 213, P.P.E. 23, Chi 208.

Age of Awakening: 29.
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration.
Mutant Characteristics: Freaky Mutations.
Skin: Leathery.
Oversized: Torso.
Body: Stocky.
Animal 2: Prey Instincts.
Hands: Ambidextrous.
Neural: Extraordinary Reflexes.
Combat: Knee & Elbow Spikes.
Misc: Modified Legs,

Animal Abilities: Hoofed; Pig.
Healing Factor.
Superhuman Strength.
Iron Will.

Natural Skills:
Charm/Impress 70%, Horror Factor 2, Trust/Intimidate 75%
Scholastic Skills:
Advanced Maths 98%, Athletics, Basic Maths 98%, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Classical Chinese Studies 98%, Climbing 98%, Computer Ops 98%, Cryptography 85%, Dieting, English Language 98%, English Literacy 90%, Fashion Tools & Weapons 80%, Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts: Tai Chi Ch'uan, History: China 98%, Intelligence 87%, Law (Chinese) 85%, Law(General) 85%, Lore: Chinese Myth: Buddhism 95%, Lore: Chinese Myth: Taoist 95%, Mandarin language 98%, Mandarin Literacy 90%, Maoism 98%, Meditation 50%, Outdoorsmanship, Philosophy 98%, Philosophy: Taoism 98%, Physical Labour, Public Speaking 85%, Research 98%, Running, Streetwise 75%, Tai Chi, Teaching 85%, Wilderness Survival 90%, Winter Survival 98%, Writing 85%.
Secondary Skills:
Basic Electronics 75%, Basic Mechanics 55%, Begging 40%, Business & Finance 60%, First Aid 70%, General Repairs & Maintenance 60%, Prowl 65%, Qi Gong, W.P. Staff, W.P. Throwing.
Martial Art 'Skills':
Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat Chi Relaxation), Body Chi, Dragon Chi, Calm Minds.

Coma/Death: +64%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +4
Horror Factor: +6
Insanity: +4
Disease: +4
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +7
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +4
Psionics (12+): +4
Possession: +8
Mind Control: +7
Illusion: +6

Initiative: +1
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +6; +1 Grab/Throw,
Damage: +53
1d4 Punch
 1d6 Backhand
 1d6 Push Hands (knockback, Chi feet)
 1d6 Palm Strike
 2d4 Martial Arts Punch
 2d4 Spiked Elbow Strike
 2d6 Spiked Knee Strike
 2d6 Snap Kick
 2d4+1d6 Kick
 1d10+1d6 Crescent kick
 3d6 Porcine Kick
Parry: +11;
Dodge: +14;
Automatic Dodge: +7
Roll with Punch: +5
Pull Punch: +0
Disarm: +0
Critical: 19+

Carry Capacity: 13,600 lbs; Lifting: 20,400 lbs
Ground Speed: 103.8 mph
Leaping Distance: 94 ft. high; 166 ft. broad from a running start. 56.8 ft. high; 111.6 ft. broad from a standing start.

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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Hung

This little piggy had roast beef

Ruzhu Hung, or "Red" Ruzhu to his friends, is Mountain Man of the Ruzhu Wu Triad in Hong Kong. He is also a rebel and freedom fighter, at least to his allies; a criminal and terrorist to the Chinese authorities. Although they only know him as the Hóng Lóng; the Red Dragon of Hong Kong.

You've probably already heard the story by now. How a distant ancestor of the Ruzhu family was a mutant pig. While that's certainly true of poor cursed Seiyu; Red suspects that, looking at his own mutations, there might have been a dragon in the mix too.

As the eldest brother Red had always expected to take over the family business. Said business being organised crime. Lucky as the accountant, Happy to run the tea house, and Seiyu to... well he was unplanned. Of course nothing went to plan. Lucky was head hunted by the stock exchange. Happy got married, to a frigging cop, and became a stay-at-home dad. And Seiyu... poor tragic Seiyu.

Red had always expected to take over, but when Pei-Pei retired he put his associate Mr Long in charge. Long brought in his adopted daughter, Dye-daii; a huge Eurasian freak, scarred and mute by an animal attack as a child that had killed both her parents. Red might have felt sorry for her in any other situation. But now she stood closer to what he saw as his rightful place than he did. After Long took over Red saw a change in the Triad, a change he didn't like. Although it had never been the tightest of ships; pigs after all. Now more members were being ejected for dabbling in drugs, jobs were getting more violent and the food at the tea house had gotten worse.

Then Pei-Pei was murdered. First Red and his brothers suspected a rival tong. Then Mr Long. But eventually they discovered that it was Dye-daii who was behind it. Behind all of it. They discovered that she was running drugs through a warehouse. They tracked it down and burnt it to the ground; Dye-daii inside it.

Of course she came back and destroyed the tea house, the nightclub Piggy was living at, and Happy's home. Red was able to track her down to the derelict Cheung Sha Wan abattoir and the four brothers fought her and her minions. Red himself left her hanging with a meat hook in her back and the chain wrapped around her neck.

It took Dye-daii a few years to come back from that one. But when she did she tracked down one of Red's old girlfriends, Li Zan Hsu, and their daughter Wei-Yun; abducting them both and letting him know she had done so. Teaming up with Lucky, Red tracked her down to Ennor. She had abducted the rest of the family and was threatening to kill them if Red and Lucky didn't turn themselves over to her. Which they did. It was the first  time Red had met his daughter. Gloating, Dye-daii murdered Li Zan. The shock caused both Red and Wei-Yun to erupt. In his case he became a demonic-looking creature of lava and fire, while Wei-Yun was transformed into an ethereal winged being of cloud. Freeing the rest of the family they again fought Dye-daii and, with the assistance of local masks, she was arrested and imprisoned.

But Red was forever transformed; now a red-skinned, golden haired (and horned) person. His mutation obvious to everyone. Lucky was able to get his brother back home, but Red was no longer able to be the public face of the Triad. Instead, pulling strings behind the scenes. He became Hóng Lóng; the Red Dragon of Hong Kong. The government came for him and he resisted. Resistance spread and now he has gone from the leader of a criminal gang to the figurehead of a counter-revolution.

Name: Ruzhu "Red" Hung
Super Identity: Red Dragon (Hóng Lóng)
Level: 6, Mutant
Height: 6'5" (including horns), Weight: 180 (360*) lbs, Age: 47.
Alignment: Anarchist.
Disposition: .
IQ 12, ME 12, MA 21, PS 32 (42*), PP 24, PE 27, PB 28, Spd 30 (15*)
Hit Points 51, S.D.C. 114 (184*, 154**, 234 ***), P.P.E. 30, I.S.P. ##, Chi ##.
(*lava form, **flying, ***flying in lava form)

Age of Eruption: 41.
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration.
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation (2 random and 3 cosmetic)
Hands: Ambidextrous.
Animal Traits II: Predatory Instincts.
Cosmetic: Metallic red skin, golden hair and nails.
Cosmetic: Angelic Face
Cosmetic: 7" Horns.

Unstable Powers: (1 major and 2 minor) An additional Altered Physical State power activates when character is in an extreme emotional state or forced to fight on when at 0 S.D.C. and 20 or less Hit Points.
APS Lava:
  • Limited Invulnerability: Body melts most physical attacks (arrows, bullets, knives, swords and similar) within a few seconds. These attacks do zero damage. Attacker takes 3d6 damage, and 2d6 damage per round for 1d4 rounds. Takes no damage from any fire, plasma of fire based magic.
  • Superhuman Strength.
  • Flowing Body: Body can flow like lava, melting through most materials at a rate of 6" every 7 seconds. Denser materials such as stone take 1" per minute. Can control heat output so that they can handle most things other than highly flammable materials such as paper and cardboard. Worn, M.D.C. and magical items are unaffected. Body can spread out into a river 20' wide, 30' long and 3' deep. Does 1d4x10(+6d6) damage per round to everything in its path. Speedsters take 1d4x10 damage per round when moving through the area. Anything enveloped has a 75% chance to be trapped, needing 50 strength (half if superhuman or supernatural) to escape.
  • Shoot Lava Jet: 180' range, 6d6 damage. Half damage per round for 1d4 rounds. 1 action.
  • Bonuses and Limitations: +70 S.D.C. Speed is halved while transformed. Takes double damage from cold or water (and speed is halved again after attack). Takes 2d4x10 damage from immersion in water or ice. Explosions do half damage. Horror Factor 13.
Control Elemental Force: Fire:
  • Ignite: Range 30'. 1 action.
  • Extinguish: 120' radius within range of 300'. Once every 2 rounds taking 2 actions.
  • Flame Growth: 4x fire area. 120 radius within 300'. Duration of 4 minutes. 1 action.
  • Smoke Cloud: Drawing smoke from all sources within 300', fills 30' cube with impenetrable smoke, within 100; for 4 minutes. Takes 2 actions. All combat actions through smoke are -8.
  • Fire Burst: range pf 150', 4d6+12 damage. 1 action, +2 to strike.
  • Fire Wall: drawing from flame sources within 60' can create a 60' long wall of any shape, within 60'. Duration of 10 mins. 2 actions to create, but only once per round.
  • Fire Invulnerability: Invulnerable to all fire, heat, smoke, and plasma. Even magical. 
  • Temperature Sense: Know any temperature above zero within +/- d6 degrees.
Indestructible Bones: +1d6 HtH damage. Halve fall damage.
Wingless Flight: 320 mph flight. +40 S.D.C. while in flight.

Natural Skills:
Climbing 75%
Scholastic Skills:
Acrobatics (Balance 98%, Tightrope 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%,), Advanced Maths 95%, Athletics, Armoury (Field) 95%, Basic Electronics 85%, Basic Maths 95%, Basic Mechanics 85%, Boxing, Business & Finance 85%, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Computer Ops 95%, Detect Ambush 80%, Dieting, Disguise 85%, English language 98%, English Literacy 98%, General Repair 90%, Gymnastics (Balance 98%, Bars & Rings 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%), Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Intelligence 82%, Law (General) 75%, Pilot Automobile 98%, Prowl 98%, Running, Sniper, Streetwise: Organised Crime 70%, Toxicology 95%, Tracking 80%, W.P. Automatic Pistol, W.P. Automatic Rifle, W.P. Bolt-Action Rifle, W.P. Chain, W.P. Knife, W.P. Revolver, W.P. Shotgun, W.P. Sub-Machine Gun, Wrestling.
Secondary Skills:
Bodybuilding, Dancing, Musical Instrument: Saxophone, Palming, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Pilot Motorcycle, Research, Seduction, Singing.

Coma/Death: +24%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +7
Horror Factor: +0
Insanity: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +6
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +7
Psionics (15+): +0
Possession: +0

Initiative: +3
Attacks per Round: 2+5(+6 flying)
Strike: +8; +10 (flying)
Damage: +17 (+27*), +4 each additional 20mph of flying speed.
1d6 Backwards Leg Sweep 1d4+1d6 Punch 1d4+1d6 Crush
 2d4+1d6 Acrobatic/Gymnastic Kick
 2d6 Martial Arts Punch
 2d6 Snap Kick
 3d6 Axe Kick
 3d6 Karate Kick
 4d6 Roundhouse Kick
Parry: +11; (+13 flying)
Dodge: +10; (+14 flying slower than 80mph; +16 flying faster)
Automatic Dodge: NA
Roll with Punch: +10
Pull Punch: +4
Disarm: +2
Pin: 18+
Critical: 18+

Carry Capacity: 640 (8,400) lbs; Lifting: 1,280 (12,600) lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 108 (216*) minutes, 54 (108*) minutes while running or fighting. Lifting for 27 rounds (405 seconds; 6 minutes, 45 seconds)
Ground Speed: 21 mph for 27 minutes (9.45 miles)
Flying Speed: 320 mph for 27 minutes (144 miles)
Leaping Distance: 8 (42*) ft. high; 16 (84*) ft. broad from a running start. 5.8 (25.2*) ft. high; 9.6 (50.4*) ft. broad from a standing start

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Elder Sight - Rethinking "Elf Eyes"

I've never really liked good old Infravision, especially how poorly written/explained and scientific it was. In B/X it was "Heat-sensing sight," but no further description was given beyond:
INFRAVISION: Infravision is the ability to "see" heat patterns.
Most living things give off heat. To infravision, warm things are
bright, cool things are gray, and cold things are black. Infravision is
useless in normal or magical light. Infravision cannot be used to
read without light. All non-human monsters have infravision.  
 (Basic Dungeons & Dragons, page B21; 1981/Moldvay edition)
First edition AD&D gives us;
As previously mentioned, infravision is the ability to see into the infrared spectrum. Thus heat radiation becomes visible and differences in temperature allow infrared sight. Warm things are bright, cool things grey, very cold things are black. Most infravision extends to 60’ distance. Dungeon-dwelling monsters have infravision to 120’. All infravision is spoiled if a light source is shedding illumination upon the creature possessing the infrared sight capability. Similarly, great heat will spoil the capability.
Thieves hiding in shadows are successful with respect to infravision only if there is a heat/light source nearby to mask their body heat, or a very cold object or radiation to provide similar cover.
It also gives us Ultra-Vision;
Ultravision is the ability to see radiation in the ultraviolet spectrum — gamma
rays, x-rays, etc. Creatures with this ability can see in normal nighttime
darkness; that is, they see at night as well as a human can see at dusk because
of the continual bombardment of ultraviolet radiation upon the earth.
Which is brought up in the PHB despite no player characters having it.

Second edition gives us two options for infravision. The first being condensed down to "You see in the dark out to 60 feet. No worries" (I'm paraphrasing). The second is an even more in depth version of the earlier editions above.

Third edition gives us Low-light vision and Darkvision. The former doubles the effective range of light sources while the the latter gives normal vision, but in darkness, out to sixty feet.

Fourt Fifth edition just has Darkvision which does both; granting normal vision in dim light and making darkness look like dim light.

Then there's this:

So what is it I don't like about Infravision? It doesn't feel fantastic. Elves and Dwarves see like the Predator. Darkvision goes in the other direction. It feels fantastic because there's absolutely no explanation as to how or why it works. It just does. While I'm not opposed to "shut up, it just does" it can feel like cheating.

What I want is something that feel fantastic and any scientific sounding explanation feels more pseudo than scientific. But I do want a certain amount of rational and logic; I want people to read what I've done, go "oh!", and then feel smart because they figured something out. I want weird little synergies and strange interpretations. I want people to take the stuff I've written and build upon it in new and ingenious ways. I want emergent behaviour and narratives to erupt from my 

I was finally inspired enough to decide to nail down Elder Sight, my infra/darkvision analog for my homebrew Project Tarragon Oubliette. Here's what I've got. Expect some changes and edits in the long term as I've still yet to playtest this.

Elder Sight

Elder Sight grants vision as if in daylight in all light levels, to total darkness, out to 20 meters, in a roughly 90 degree angle (centered where they're looking, so 45 degrees either side of "forwards") ahead, in three dimensions.
It does not extend beyond that range, and so the old mark one eyeball must be used to see beyond that limit. It is hindered, to a degree, by physical barriers. Which is to say that typically Elder Sight is typically blocked by walls and similar (but see below). Elder Sight is not seated in the eyes but in some inhuman section of the Elder brain. As such physical blindness cannot remove it. However magical spells; illusions, darkness or blindness may (temporarily) do so. (As could radical brain surgeries beyond the scope of most fantasy societies) Elder sight cannot detect pigments; everything has the same washed-out tone, unless they are specifically created to resonate with Elder Sight by mixing in magical materials. Thus most mundane writings are not visible to Elder Sight (unless specifically created so that they can be), but spell scrolls, eldritch tomes and runes are. The homes and settlements of those with Elder Sight look less vibrant to those that don't, than they do to their inhabitants.
There are some advanced techniques possible with Elder Sight. A character with Elder Sight may spend additional/available Talents to develop one of the following per Talent.

Eldritch Attunement

As Elder Sight functions via, and marks an awareness of, some esoteric pseudo-force unrecognisable to science. It follows that someone with Elder Sight should be able to detect nearby sources of that pseudo-force. A character with this talent has taught themselves to do just that.
As a "move equivalent action" (as in it takes 1d6 seconds/1 round) the character may tune out everything else to become aware of everything within range of their Elder Sight that is magical; every source of Wyrd, Arcana, active spells, runes, or similar. It cannot differentiate one from the other. However the more concentrated the source is the ‘brighter’ it is. It cannot detect PSI/psychic powers. By spending Wyrd the character can double the range of this ability for each point spent.

Extended Vision

The range of the character’s Elder Sight is doubled. However the angle is halved, but only in the extended area. So a character with extended sight would keep their 90 degree angle within 20m, but have only a 45 degree angle of perception out to 40m. This Talent can be bought multiple times, doubling range and halving angle each time. However the angle of perception cannot drop below 10 degrees. If combined with Zone of Awareness (see below), use the expanded angles to calculate the restrictions for this talent.

Higher Awareness

Elder Sight functions beyond the regular dimensions of space that we are familiar with. It is able to peer out a head, so might it not also be able to peer into other objects. With this talent the character has learnt to do just that.
Physical barriers no longer hinder their Elder Sight. They can see within any container within range just as easily as they can see ahead. Walls and doors are as easily peered through as windows. They don’t even have to unroll a magical scroll to read it and, especially if combined with Zone of Awareness below, might not even have to remove it from their pack or case. The character has advantage to healing others, being able to see within their bodies, and any other situations this talent may be useful in (such as finding secret doors or traps).

Self Perception

The character has learnt to turn their Elder Sight inward. At its most basic, and gory, the character can perceive the inner workings of their body. This gives them advantage on any healing they do to themselves, and they may pass this benefit onto others treating them, if they are conscious at the time.
It also allows them to perceive their other senses visually, in a sort of deliberate synesthesia. This gives them advantage to all perception based checks. This gives the character much of the same information that the player has; they know how badly hurt they are, how much Stamina, Vitality, Resolve and Spirit that they have and how much they're encumbered by to whatever degree the players has measured by. Loud noises may also manifest as flashes of light from their source. Weird associations between different senses expressing themselves. Think of this as giving the character a computer-game style GUI, with all the associations this may grant.

Zone of Awareness

This Talent increases the angle Elder Sight covers by an additional 90 degrees each time this Talent is bought. So 180 degrees with one talent, 270 degrees with two, out to a maximum of 360 degrees with three. Each time a character buys this Talent they get a +1 bonus to avoid being surprised.

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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Hoisum "Happy"

This little piggy stayed at home

Ruzhu Hoisum , or "Happy" Ruzhu to his friends and family, never had any ambitions outside of the kitchen. Now he's succeeded beyond his wildest dreams; a minor celebrity and successful businessman, running Ennor's ever popular Happy Pig restaurant. Other than through his brother, Hung, he has no connection to organised crime. Indeed his wife Xi is a police detective.

There is something squirrely, or rather piggy, in the Ruzhu family tree; Hoisum's daughter , Wei-Lu, has discovered that a distant ancestor was a mutant pig. Nobody is entirely sure how that works but the evidence is in the DNA. It certainly explains the youngest Ruzhu brother and Hoisum's twin, Seiyu, who seems to have reverted to a more porcine nature after his years living on the streets.

 Never comfortable with his father's criminal activities Hoisum set his ambitions on becoming a chef. Pei-pei, for all his faults, was never one to hold his loved ones back and instead used his wealth to send his son to some of the best cooking schools in the world. When not travelling the world learning his trade Hoisum worked in the Greedy Pig teahouse. He still tells of the time that his father arrived at the teashop and found him sweeping and cleaning. Pei-pei was incandescent with rage until Hoisum explained that this is how it worked, even in the kitchen; starting at the bottom and working up to the top.

When Hoisum married Xi she was welcomed with open arms even though having a cop in the family caused all sorts of problems. When she fell pregnant soon afterwards and Hoisum decided to become a full-time homemaker so that his wife could continue working, Pei-pei gifted the new family with a professional grade kitchen.

When poor Seiyu's tragedy struck Hoisum did everything in his power to help his twin while Pei-pei and Xi hunted the killer from opposite directions. But their efforts clashed, the killer escaped and Seiyu abandoned his life to live on the streets.

Ironically it was Pei-pei's own death that reunited the brothers.

Initially suspecting Pei-pei's old friend, and then Mountain Man of the Ruzhu Wu, Mr Long of the murder it eventually transpired that it was his adopted daughter Deirdre Daisy, or "Dye-Daai", Long who was responsible. The four brothers destroyed her drug operation and believed her dead in the conflagration.

Hoisum and his kids, Joey and Wei-Lu, finally managed to lift Seiyu out of the gutter with the help of his friend the burlesque dance Sandi Soy. Sandi and Seiyu quickly marry.

Just as soon as the family begin to settle D.D. Long resurfaces, destroying first the family teahouse, and then Sandi's nightclub. When Long's "wolf pack" attacks Hoisum in his home he is able to fight them off long enough for Xi and the kids to escape but is unable to escape himself before an explosion levels the property.

Miraculously Hoisum walks from the burning wreckage unharmed, a man of silver nigh impervious to harm. His mutant powers having erupted and saved his life.

Given China's attitude towards mutants and superhuman's at the time Hoisum, Xi and their children decided to leave Hong Kong and travel to the UK and Ennor. Seiyu and Sandi chose to join them. On Ennor Hoisum was reunited with his mother and accepted her invitation to become head chef of her restaurant. Eventually he took over more and more of the day to day running while she had more free time to just be Grandma. Of course retirement didn't slow her down. Xi leveraged her experience as a detective in Hong Kong to join the Guardian City Metropolitan Police Force.

Not long after moving to Ennor Hoisum's youngest, Lu, reveals that she has psychic powers. A few months later his eldest, Joey, awakens to his own mutant abilities.

The next year D.D. Long returns, smuggling a Chinese woman and child into Ennor. She tracks down the family and begins abducting them one by one. Zing and Hung turned up just in time to be captured themselves.

The family are reunited within a disused gasometer. There Long introduces them to the girl, Hung's long lost daughter Wei-Yun, and her mother; his ex-girlfriend. Long then murders the mother causing both Hung and Wei-Yun to erupt. Literally in Hung's case.

Together the family were able to battle Long and her allies. With the assistance of Ennor's superhuman vigilantes she was captured and brought to justice. She remains a resident of HMP Bishop's Rock, at Her Majesty's pleasure, to this day.

Afterwards Happy adopted Wei-Yun. His son Joey decides that he wants to join the army so he can better protect people. His daughter, Wei-Lu, her intellect amplified by her mutation, decides to study mutations and super powers. She excelled at school and just got her doctorate, at the age of 18.

Happy continues to run his restaurant and the adjacent meeting hall. His mother runs her Little Princess Club and martial arts school. Hope is still a kick arse detective. Wei-Yun is the teenaged hero Cloud, working closely with her aunt and the Paranormal Resources and Tactics Squad.

Name: Ruzhu "Happy" Hoisum
Super Identity: Stirling
"Team": The Ruzhu Wu
Level: 6, Mutant.
Height: 5' 10", Weight: 160 (800*) lbs, Age: 42.
Alignment: Principled.
Disposition: Cheerful and sunny.
IQ 13, ME 17, MA 23, PS 22 (44*), PP 25, PE 32, PB 24, Spd 30 (15*)
Hit Points 82, S.D.C. 173 (550*), P.P.E. 25, Chi 94
(*Silver body; superhuman strength)

Age of Eruption: 37
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation
Neural: Extraordinary Reflexes.
Combat: Retractable Knee & Elbow Spikes: +1 die damage to knee & elbow strikes; +1 Horror Factor when extended.
Hands: Ambidextrous.

Continuous Mutation. 1 Major power @ level 1, 1 Minor power @ level 2, 1 Major power @ level 4, 1 Minor power @ level 6. Additional powers at levels 8, 12 & 14.
Metal Manipulation:
  • Mold Metals: 
  • Melt and Cool Metals: 
  • Harden & Weaken Metals: 
  • Sharpen: 
  • Restore Metals: 
  • Shoot Metal: 
  • Metal Invulnerability: 
  • Sense Metal: 
Mechanical Awareness: 250' range
Alter Physical Structure: Silver: AR16, Horror Factor 13, 17 versus creatures vulnerable to silver.
Extraordinary Physical Endurance.

Skills: (Worldly Martial Artist)
Natural Skills
Alloy Metals 75%, Appraise Metals 80%, Charm/Impress 70%, Mold Metals 85%, Recognise Weapon Quality 90%, Trust/Intimidate 75%.
Scholastic Skills
Advanced Maths 85%, Art (Culinary) 90%, Basic Maths 95%, Biology 70%, Botany 65%, Business & Finance 75%, Cantonese Language 95%, Cantonese Literacy 75%, Computer Ops 80%, Cook (Profesional) 98%, Dietician, Law (General) 65%, Mandarin Language 95%, Philosophy: Taoism, Research 90%, Tai-Chi Ch'uan Martial Arts, Zoology 80%.
Martial Arts Skills
Body Chi, Calm Minds, Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat, Chi Awareness), Chi Healing, Dragon Chi.
Secondary Skills
Athletics, Climbing 65%, English Language 80%, English Literacy 60%, Pilot Automobile 70%, Running, Swimming 75%, W.P. Knife, W.P. Pistol, W.P. Throwing Knife.

Coma/Death: +32%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +#
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +8
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +8
Psionics (15+): +1
Possession: +0

Initiative: +1
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +5;
Damage: +7/+29
 1d4 Backhand
 1d6 Cold Metal
 1d6 Push Hands (Moves opponent PS feet)
 1d6 Palm Strike
 1d6 Snap Kick
 1d8 Kick
 2d4 Spiked Elbow Strike
 1d10 Crescent Kick
 2d6 Spiked Knee Strike
 2d6 Shoot Metal (per pellet; 1-4 pellets per action)
 3d6 Mold Metals (vs Metals)
 4d6 Hot Metal
Parry: +10;
Dodge: +11;
Automatic Dodge: +1
Roll with Punch: +4
Pull Punch: +0
Disarm: +0
Critical: 19+
Balance: +2

Carry Capacity: 440 (8,800*) lbs; Lifting: 880 (13,200*)lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 2,560 minutes (42 hours and 40 minutes), 1,280 minutes (21 hours and 20 minutes) while running or fighting. Lifting for 640 rounds (9,600 seconds; 160 minutes; 2 hours and 40 minutes)
Ground Speed: 21 (10.5*) mph for 1,280 minutes
Swimming Speed: 66 yrds (198ft.) per round. Not buoyant in silver form.
Leaping Distance: 5.5ft. (44ft.*) high; 11ft. (88ft.*) broad from a running start. 3.3ft. (26.4ft.*) high; 6.6ft. (52.8ft.*) broad from a standing start.