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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Hoisum "Happy"

This little piggy stayed at home

Ruzhu Hoisum , or "Happy" Ruzhu to his friends and family, never had any ambitions outside of the kitchen. Now he's succeeded beyond his wildest dreams; a minor celebrity and successful businessman, running Ennor's ever popular Happy Pig restaurant. Other than through his brother, Hung, he has no connection to organised crime. Indeed his wife Xi is a police detective.

There is something squirrely, or rather piggy, in the Ruzhu family tree; Hoisum's daughter , Wei-Lu, has discovered that a distant ancestor was a mutant pig. Nobody is entirely sure how that works but the evidence is in the DNA. It certainly explains the youngest Ruzhu brother and Hoisum's twin, Seiyu, who seems to have reverted to a more porcine nature after his years living on the streets.

 Never comfortable with his father's criminal activities Hoisum set his ambitions on becoming a chef. Pei-pei, for all his faults, was never one to hold his loved ones back and instead used his wealth to send his son to some of the best cooking schools in the world. When not travelling the world learning his trade Hoisum worked in the Greedy Pig teahouse. He still tells of the time that his father arrived at the teashop and found him sweeping and cleaning. Pei-pei was incandescent with rage until Hoisum explained that this is how it worked, even in the kitchen; starting at the bottom and working up to the top.

When Hoisum married Xi she was welcomed with open arms even though having a cop in the family caused all sorts of problems. When she fell pregnant soon afterwards and Hoisum decided to become a full-time homemaker so that his wife could continue working, Pei-pei gifted the new family with a professional grade kitchen.

When poor Seiyu's tragedy struck Hoisum did everything in his power to help his twin while Pei-pei and Xi hunted the killer from opposite directions. But their efforts clashed, the killer escaped and Seiyu abandoned his life to live on the streets.

Ironically it was Pei-pei's own death that reunited the brothers.

Initially suspecting Pei-pei's old friend, and then Mountain Man of the Ruzhu Wu, Mr Long of the murder it eventually transpired that it was his adopted daughter Deirdre Daisy, or "Dye-Daai", Long who was responsible. The four brothers destroyed her drug operation and believed her dead in the conflagration.

Hoisum and his kids, Joey and Wei-Lu, finally managed to lift Seiyu out of the gutter with the help of his friend the burlesque dance Sandi Soy. Sandi and Seiyu quickly marry.

Just as soon as the family begin to settle D.D. Long resurfaces, destroying first the family teahouse, and then Sandi's nightclub. When Long's "wolf pack" attacks Hoisum in his home he is able to fight them off long enough for Xi and the kids to escape but is unable to escape himself before an explosion levels the property.

Miraculously Hoisum walks from the burning wreckage unharmed, a man of silver nigh impervious to harm. His mutant powers having erupted and saved his life.

Given China's attitude towards mutants and superhuman's at the time Hoisum, Xi and their children decided to leave Hong Kong and travel to the UK and Ennor. Seiyu and Sandi chose to join them. On Ennor Hoisum was reunited with his mother and accepted her invitation to become head chef of her restaurant. Eventually he took over more and more of the day to day running while she had more free time to just be Grandma. Of course retirement didn't slow her down. Xi leveraged her experience as a detective in Hong Kong to join

Not long after moving to Ennor Hoisum's youngest, Lu, reveals that she has psychic powers. A few months later his eldest, Joey, awakens to his own mutant abilities.

The next year D.D. Long returns, smuggling a Chinese woman and child into Ennor. She tracks down the family and begins abducting them one by one. Zing and Hung turned up just in time to be captured themselves.

The family are reunited within a disused gasometer. There Long introduces them to the girl, Hung's long lost daughter Wei-Yun, and her mother; his ex-girlfriend. Long then murders the mother causing both Hung and Wei-Yun to erupt. Literally in Hung's case.

Together the family were able to battle Long and her allies. With the assistance of Ennor's superhuman vigilantes she was captured and brought to justice. She remains a resident of HMP Bishop's Rock, at Her Majesty's pleasure, to this day.

Afterwards Happy adopted Wei-Yun. His son Joey decides that he wants to join the army so he can better protect people. His daughter, Wei-Lu, her intellect amplified by her mutation, decides to study mutations and super powers. She excelled at school and just got her doctorate, at the age of 18.

Happy continues to run his restaurant and the adjacent meeting hall. His mother runs her Little Princess Club and martial arts school. Hope is still a kick arse detective. Wei-Yun is the teenaged hero Cloud, working closely with her aunt and the Paranormal Resources and Tactics Squad.

Name: Ruzhu "Happy" Hoisum
Super Identity: Stirling
"Team": The Ruzhu Wu
Level: 6, Mutant.
Height: 5' 10", Weight: 160 (800*) lbs, Age: 42.
Alignment: Principled.
Disposition: Cheerful and sunny.
IQ 13, ME 17, MA 23, PS 22 (44*), PP 25, PE 32, PB 24, Spd 30 (15*)
Hit Points 82, S.D.C. 173 (550*), P.P.E. 25, Chi 94
(*Silver body; superhuman strength)

Age of Eruption: 37
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation
Neural: Extraordinary Reflexes.
Combat: Retractable Knee & Elbow Spikes: +1 die damage to knee & elbow strikes; +1 Horror Factor when extended.
Hands: Ambidextrous.

Continuous Mutation. 1 Major power @ level 1, 1 Minor power @ level 2, 1 Major power @ level 4, 1 Minor power @ level 6. Additional powers at levels 8, 12 & 14.
Metal Manipulation:

  • Mold Metals: 
  • Melt and Cool Metals: 
  • Harden & Weaken Metals: 
  • Sharpen: 
  • Restore Metals: 
  • Shoot Metal: 
  • Metal Invulnerability: 
  • Sense Metal: 

Mechanical Awareness: 250' range
Alter Physical Structure: Silver: AR16, Horror Factor 13, 17 versus creatures vulnerable to silver.
Extraordinary Physical Endurance.

Skills: (Worldly Martial Artist)
Natural Skills
Alloy Metals 75%, Appraise Metals 80%, Charm/Impress 70%, Mold Metals 85%, Recognise Weapon Quality 90%, Trust/Intimidate 75%.
Scholastic Skills
Advanced Maths 85%, Art (Culinary) 90%, Basic Maths 95%, Biology 70%, Botany 65%, Business & Finance 75%, Cantonese Language 95%, Cantonese Literacy 75%, Computer Ops 80%, Cook (Profesional) 98%, Dietician, Law (General) 65%, Mandarin Language 95%, Philosophy: Taoism, Research 90%, Tai-Chi Ch'uan Martial Arts, Zoology 80%.
Martial Arts Skills
Body Chi, Calm Minds, Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat, Chi Awareness), Chi Healing, Dragon Chi.
Secondary Skills
Athletics, Climbing 65%, English Language 80%, English Literacy 60%, Pilot Automobile 70%, Running, Swimming 75%, W.P. Knife, W.P. Pistol, W.P. Throwing Knife.

Coma/Death: +32%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +#
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +8
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +8
Psionics (15+): +1
Possession: +0

Initiative: +1
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +5;
Damage: +7/+29
 1d4 Backhand
 1d6 Cold Metal
 1d6 Push Hands (Moves opponent PS feet)
 1d6 Palm Strike
 1d6 Snap Kick
 1d8 Kick
 2d4 Spiked Elbow Strike
 1d10 Crescent Kick
 2d6 Spiked Knee Strike
 2d6 Shoot Metal (per pellet; 1-4 pellets per action)
 3d6 Mold Metals (vs Metals)
 4d6 Hot Metal
Parry: +10;
Dodge: +11;
Automatic Dodge: +1
Roll with Punch: +4
Pull Punch: +0
Disarm: +0
Critical: 19+
Balance: +2

Carry Capacity: 440 (8,800*) lbs; Lifting: 880 (13,200*)lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 2,560 minutes (42 hours and 40 minutes), 1,280 minutes (21 hours and 20 minutes) while running or fighting. Lifting for 640 rounds (9,600 seconds; 160 minutes; 2 hours and 40 minutes)
Ground Speed: 21 (10.5*) mph for 1,280 minutes
Swimming Speed: 66 yrds (198ft.) per round. Not buoyant in silver form.
Leaping Distance: 5.5ft. (44ft.*) high; 11ft. (88ft.*) broad from a running start. 3.3ft. (26.4ft.*) high; 6.6ft. (52.8ft.*) broad from a standing start.

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Odyssey Sector

So I've been thinking of running an Open Table Traveller game using Classic Traveller, with a few adaptations which I'm still musing over.

I've already mapped out the central quadrant of a sector I call "Odyssey", with all the subsectors being named after mythical and fictional islands, or real islands from the myth of Odysseus. The mapped central quadrant subsectors being R'lyeh, Gondal, Laputa, and Krocylea.

Space. There sure is a lot of it.

In 1111 the Eclipse class cruise-liner Nemo jumps out of Margesi (Rhylanor; Spinward Marches 3212), heading for Suvfoto (Sabine; Deneb 0211) and the Core. It is a week behind schedule, delayed after one of its cargo lighters lost control of a container filled with low-berthed sheep, which impacted and destroyed the primary sensor array of the scout cruiser Polyphemus. It would be less than a footnote in history except for the Jump Anomaly.

Immediately upon the jump field propagating and the ship entering Jump Space the ship's automatic log recorded two simultaneous events.:

In one the ship jumps as normal, re-entering normal space a hundred diameters from Suvfoto roughly 165 hours later.

In the other the jump field immediately collapses, propelling the Nemo, and everyone aboard, along an incalculable vector that Jump Physicists are still trying to puzzle out to this day.

For those that arrived in Suvfoto the trip was otherwise unremarkable. But meanwhile, a distance which is at once both impossibly close and incomprehensibly distant, the Nemo is lost. All five hundred passengers and crew forced to survive in a galaxy that is as alien as it is familiar.

Saturday, 11 January 2020

Heroes Unlimited: Phenomenal Paragons: Captain Valiant

When Victor Valiant joined the British army he never thought he'd be suitable for Project Broomstick, Britain's supersoldier program. Now as Captain Valiant he has been assigned as government liaison to the Guardian City Metropolitan Police Force's Paranormal Resources And Tactics Squad.

This is the fourteenth character in my Phenomenal Paragons series. The introduction to which is here. It is inspired by Jacob Pisson's World's Strongest series, here.

It's been a while since I've done one of these so excuse me if things are a little different this time.

I've previously created a super-cop in the form of Jade "Swift" Justice. This is much the same only an actual soldier this time. So I'm not going onto as much detail this time around. Especially as the differences are rather minor.

So in that case, straight onto the character.

Name: Captain Victor Valiant
Super Identity: Captain Valiant
Team: P.R.A.T. Squad
Level: 1 Super Soldier
Height: 6', Weight: 180lbs
Alignment: Scrupulous.
IQ 11, ME 11, MA 11, PS 48, PP 18, PE 32, PB 14, Spd 39
Hit Points.: 55, S.D.C.: 131, P.P.E.: 20

Supersoldier Programme
Sponsor: H.M. Armed Forces
Motive: Combat
Procedure: Project Broomstick
Subject: Mutant (Genetic Aberration)
  • Flame red hair
  • Ambidextrous
Status: Active (£150,000 PA) Replication: Success. 1 supersoldier can be created a month, with minor variations between them. Process is secret and expensive.
Super Soldier Enhancements:
  • Physical Transformation.: Strength becomes Extraordinary.
  • Bionic Implants.: Impervious to exhaustion for first 2 hours of physical activity out of 24 and then after fatigues at half rate. However eats thrice as much and suffers from chronic headaches
  • Uncanny Targeting & Throwing.: Can throw anything that can be thrown (with weight considerations), over twice its normal distance. Suffers no penalties to shoot or throw due to motion. Can target two foes with one action but with no bonuses to hit. Can dodge or parry ranged attacks with a maximum of +2 to do so.
  • Increased Leaping.: Broad jumping distance is increased by 30', with an additional 5' per level. High jump is half that. Dropping is twice broad distance. Kicks do an additional 2d6 damage and are +2 to strike and disarm.
Super Abilities:
  • Superstrength.: Strength is Super. Fatigue at half rate.
  • Healing Factor.: Recovers 3 S.D.C. every 10 minutes (18/hour); 1 hit point every 15 minutes (4/hour). Can also instantly recover 4d6 points twice daily. Broken bones heal ten times faster than normal.
  • Extraordinary Physical Prowess.
  • Manipulate Kinetic Energy.: Can generate a field around himself that manipulates the kinetic energy of anything passing through it. This means that, as long as it's activated, any incoming kinetic based attacks (bullets, fists, swords, &etc) do half damage, while other attacks (fire, lasers, telepathy, &etc) do their normal damage. It costs one action per round to activate/maintain the field. Further all of their thrown attacks can do double damage or have double range but at -2 to strike. They can also redirect any item they've thrown at the cost of an action. Finally they can deflect incoming ranged attacks, gaining a +4 to parry them at the cost of an action.

Acrobatics (Balance 95%, Tightrope 95%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 85%) Advanced Maths, Armourer (Field), Athletics, Basic Maths, Boxing, Camouflage, Climbing 95%, Demolitions, Demolitions Disposal, Detect Concealment, English Language, English Literacy, Gymnastics (Balance 85%, Bars/Rings 95%, Climb Rope 85%, Backflip 98%), Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Intelligence, Interrogation, Land Navigation, Military Etiquette, N.B.C. Warfare, Night Fighting, Parachuting, Performance, Prowl 70%, Public Speaking, Running, SCUBA, Strategy & Tactics, Swimming, Trap/Mine Detection, TV/Video, Underwater Demolitions, W.P. Assault Rifle, W.P. Grenades, W.P. Knife, W.P. Pistol, W.P. S.M.G., Wrestling, Writing.
Secondary Skills:
Law (General), Pilot Automobile, Pilot Motorcycle, Research, Streetwise, W.P. Blunt, W.P. Shield, W.P. Throwing.

Coma/Death: +52%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +2
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +2
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +2
Psionics (15+): +0
Possession: +0

Initiative: +3
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +2; (+3 aimed, +1 Burst, +2 Thrown, +2 Called Shot, +1 Blunts, +2 Thrown Knives, +1 Thrown Weapons)
Damage: +33
1d4 Punch
2d4 Martial Arts Punch
2d4+2d6 Acrobatic Kick
Parry: +5; (+4 Kinetic Block, +1 Blunts, +1 Shield)
Dodge: +6;
Automatic Dodge: +3
Roll with Punch: +9
Pull Punch: +3
Disarm: +0
Pin: 18+

Carry Capacity: 9,600 lbs; Lifting: 14,400 lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 512 minutes (@8.5 hours), 256 minutes (@4 hours, 20 minutes) while running or fighting. Lifting for 128 rounds (1,920 seconds; 32 minutes)
Ground Speed: 27.3 mph for 128 minutes.
Swimming Speed: 144 yrds (432ft.) per round.
Leaping Distance: 39ft. high; 78ft. broad from a running start. 23.4ft. high; 46.8ft. broad from a standing start.

Project Broomstick was one of the UK's numerous super soldier programs during the second world war. Its goal was to create super soldiers with the power of flight. It failed. But only in the flight part. Through methods still classified, and much trial and error, the Ennor based research group was able to reliably create multiple super soldiers with only minimal variations. During the attempted invasion of Ennor in 1942 both the successes and the failures were instrumental in the island's defence. Although not without loses.

Broomstick wasn't the only successful super soldier programme. Britain also had Project Snowflake, Project Fruitcake, and Project Firework all of which were successful. Although Firework was discontinued due to the process being expensive and the short life expectancy of the program's subjects. The exact number of failed programs are still classified, although the disasters of  Project Black Moon and Project Minerva were declassified in the 1990's.

Ennor born Victor Valiant grew up on tales of the war and decided at quite a young age that he wanted to be a soldier. When he discovered that he was suitable for the Broomstick process he jumped to volunteer. Now instead of going to war he is attached to the police as their government liaison.

Join us next time for the, uh...

Heroic Hellion

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My 2020 Vision

I know it's been a while but this seems as good a chance as any to get back on the horse that is this blog.

I'm planning on being a bit more regular with posting here. I'm thinking of theming each day with particular content. I won't be posting on each day, or every week, but I will post as frequently as possibly.

  • Mutant Mondays
  • Traveller Tuesdays
  • Callous Criminals/Overwhelmed Bystanders Wednesdays
  • Free Thursday
  • Fantasy Fridays
  • Super Saturdays
  • Free Sunday

My lack of frequent posting is due to technological limitations. I'm writing this on a glorified tablet with a dodgy haptic keyboard. It is slow and frustrating.

Friday, 8 November 2019

Tarragon Oubliette: Combat Thoughts

I've been thinking about how combat will work in Project Tarragon Oubliette.
I want to condense everything down to as few die rolls as possible to keep things moving quickly.

Usually combat goes:

  1. Initiative roll
  2. Attack roll versus Defence
  3. Damage roll
    Then back to the start

But I've already screwed things up with my plans.


Initiative uses different die sizes depending upon the weapon, or spell. With a melee weapon's initiative die being the same as its damage die. Higher numbers go later.

So a sword that 1d6 damage rolls 1d6 for initiative.

To add insult to injury I've settled on a 6 second round and a 5 foot/1.5 metre step.

Given that the largest weapons do 1d12 damage, this would mean that each pip on the die was half a second long. I could either go with half second "segments", decide its all abstract and each "pip" doesn't represent real time at all, or go with 1 second segments/"pip" and just accept that the heavier weapons will be going once every other round.

Or do I need rounds at all?

If I'm measuring things in seconds maybe I could just have an accumulating shot counter. first strike is on 3, second goes on (3+5)  8, third goes on (8+5) 13, and so on and so forth. Campaign for Real Time, and all that.


I want active defence rolls. I want the PCs to be rolling for both attack and defence. However this runs counter to my idea of reducing rolls to speed up combat. I can think of a couple of ways around it.

  • Players roll 6d6 and split into two sets of 3d6. Once for attack and one for defence.
  • Players roll 3d6 and decide if it's going to be an attack roll or a defence roll. The other gets a flat +10 to it.
Attack roll would be a contested task:
3d6 + [Attribute Bonus] + [Skill Ranks] +/- [other modifiers]  ≥ 3d6 + [Attribute Bonus] + [Skill Ranks] +/- [other modifiers]

The Attribute Bonus for the attack side of the equation would be Strength Modifier for Melee and  Brawling, and Dexterity Modifier for Ranged.
The Attribute Bonus for the defence side would be Dexterity Modifier.
Skill Ranks for attack would be based on weapon? Base Attack Bonuses? It's something I need to write about down below.
Skill Ranks for defence would be a dodge skill? Possibly weapon or shield skill for parrying.
Other modifiers for the attack side would be general bonuses from weapons and talents. But most importantly it also includes the damage die.
Other modifiers for the defence side would include bonuses from armour, possibly including an Resistance die. Which is a die roll to soak damage using armour; sort of an anti-damage die.

Why is damage part of the attack roll? Because of this:
Critical Hits
To keep things simple, instead of lengthy critical hit tables, this is what we'll do:
For every point you roll over to hit your foe you do an extra point of damage.
So if your foe had AC5 and your THAC0 is 20 a roll of 15+ is a hit. At 16 you'd do +1 damage. At 20 you'd do +5.
All the math is at my end too.
Heroic Effort
Since everyone is rolling to-Hit and Damage at once (good players, DM like) I'm going to implement a rule that applies to Players Only.
If you miss but your target is within your To-Hit+Damage roll I will deduct damage points until you successfully hit.
So, FoEx, if you roll 14 and 6 damage but you needed a 15 to hit, You'll hit but only do 5 damage. So if you had only rolled 1 damage you'd have miss because you'd have done 0 damage if you had hit.
I hope this makes sense.  
That comes from a CSIO campaign I ran on using OSRIC. Everyone would roll attack and damage at once, which was good because it kept things going. It also tempted me to apply damage as a bonus to hit.

Since Project Tarragon Oubliette doesn't have a critical hit system I thought applying damage to hit  to the attack would mean an exceptional roll would result in exceptional damage.

The idea is that, if you hadn't guessed from my terrible explanation above, the Effect of the attack roll (degree of success or failure) is applied as a modifier to damage.

However when just plugged into the resolution formula like that the effect that I was hoping for ("I rolled poorly on attack but did just enough damage that some sneaks through their defence!") is lost. Instead of modifying damage it becomes a case of whomever rolls highest applies the Effect as damage to their opponent.

In which case do I even need a defence roll at all? Just attack roll versus attack roll, highest wins...

But if I don't include the damage (and resistance) dice as part of the combat roll then combat becomes:

  1. Roll Initiative
  2. Attack roll versus Defence
  3. Damage roll; apply Effect of attack to damage.
  4. Defence roll versus Attack
  5. Resistance roll to reduce damage
Its gone long rather than short.


I'm unsure what to do combat, skills-wise.

The simplest is the good old singular Combat skill with different techniques and weapons as specialisations of that skill. The old BAB route.

The other extreme would be seperate skills for each weapon and technique.

The middle ground would either be to split combat into two skills; one for ranged combat and one for close quarters/melee. Or to divide in some other way, such as Archery, Brawling, Melee, Throwing, and if/when I include them Firearms.

I dunno seems too much.

Monday, 16 September 2019

Erehwen: An Overview

So I've had some irons stuck in my fire. A setting called K'thyna and another called Erehwen. If you remember I mentioned Erehwen before when I answered 20 setting questions about it. Back on August 21st.

Well I also hit up Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator (which since has hit version 1.0). After a bit of tweaking this is what I got:

This is the continent of Ukush. Or at least it's southern portion. It's roughly 1,800 km by about 1,600 km in size, or about 2,880,000 square kilometres in area. It's a small continent but more than big enough for our needs. It's a tropical region with a high mountain range dominating the center of the landmass, providing a cooling effect to the surrounding land.

hot stuff
The Temperatures of  Ukush
The equator is somewhere off Tiorvia's southern coast and not by much.

There are 14 cultures, 16 nations and at least 10 sophont species on the above maps. But we're only really interested in one nation. There, on the eastern side of the map, that cool spot. Erehwen.

Erehwen and Neighbours
The Realm of Erehwen (yes: N-E-Where backwards; or possibly "New Here") surrounded on all sides by the Alvaborszag Prectoriate, the Principality of Beobwon, the Duchy of Eigionia, and the kingdoms of Pachargia, Tintaria and Thorn.
While Eigionia and Pachargia are separated from Erehwen by mountain ranges, and Alvaborszag is literally in the mountains, the rest are not. Thorn's and Erehwen are connected by two rivers, and the borders to Beobwon, Tintaria and Thorn are completely open.

Culturally and religiously, the largest and most expansive group (with 9,2 million believers) are the followers of the Old Way and the New Way; "Kirzastianity" according to their religious and cultural rivals. Although the faithful would never dead-name a deity like that. However I'm neither faithful nor writing about a real thing so I'm going to call it Kirzastianity.
It's an essentially benign religion; a balance between the responsibility and traditionalism of the Old Way and the acceptance and innovation of the New Way. Its popularity lies in that 100% of the Erehwen born clergy can work miracles. In the rest of the world no more that 10% of the clerics or any religion can perform miracles (PC clerics are, of course, always among the miracleworkers).

Alvaborszag, Beobwon, Erehwen, Tintaria and Thorn are all predominantly Kirzastian. There are even believers in the eastern part of the Muuttusan Empire.

This is slightly problematic in that Alvaborszag is supposed be the protectorate of the Vangrian culture; the "orcs". Although the o-word is a racial slur. However so many Vangrians have converted to Kirzastianity that the former culture is essentially dead.

Beobwon still contains pockets of the original Luari culture.

Thorn has a problem in a home-grown non-theist movement, Pasburism, that denounces the Powers and promotes the populace to find power in sorcery and eldritch magic. It's also a republican movement in that it decries the "divine right" of monarchs to rule. In all fairness the Old and New Powers only claim the authority to decide the ruler of Erehwen; there is no official record of their opinions regarding the rulership of other nations. While only 1% of the human population have the "talent" to work eldritch magic, the Pasburists have developed a method to share that ability with their less fortunate fellows. The number of these "Warlocks" is unknown but spreading. They openly walk the streets of Ameshil, in packs, tussling with the army and templars. Even the Beobwonian city of Fiverbury has turned to the Pasburist cause. Rebellion is brewing.

County of Lyster, each hex is 40km
Trouble is also brewing on the border between Alvaborszag, Beobwon and Erehewn. The county of Lyster, which has a silver mine and the only road into, or out of, Alvaborazag, has been part of Erehwen for centuries. But in the last year the Count defected to Beobwon and took everything. The current Erehwenian monarch, the outlander, Maya I said something about teaching the count to play games with thrones. Whatever that means.

Tarragon is the unlabeled circle in the middle
Meanwhile over in Tarragon City, where I want to base my campaign, the monarch has ordered the abandoned dungeons beneath the castle, the mysterious Tarragon Oubliette, opened to explorers and is looking for volunteers to delve its depths. There are concerns that enemies of the realm might be seeking to plunder the city's depths.

Thursday, 12 September 2019

A Brief Apology

Sorry I've not blogged anything in almost three weeks. I've been 'distracted' by poor health. Nothing serious, but enough to throw me off my stride.

I'll get back to you with something in the next few days.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.