Monday, 4 February 2019


I'm reinventing myself and this otherwise dead blog.

G+ is joining the dodo, Tumblr is on a shoogly hook since the smut purge, I abandoned Facebook so many years ago that I can't remember when, and Twitter leaves me quaking with rage after about five minutes.

So all my g+ gaming stuff is coming here.

I do have some blogs on Tumblr. A lot of them to be honest. There's a fairly comprehensive list here. Tumblr tends to eat far too much energy and time for me to do more than dip into it.

A lot has happened over the last 7 years.

Much of it bad. Most of it too painful to repeat here. The PTSD is strong with this one. Along with the anxiety, stress, clinical depression and suicide attempts. So sometimes I'm just going to be too ill to do stuff.

RPing online of any sort is one of them. I'm trying to organise some face-to-face gaming but adult responsibility makes scheduling difficult.

That said I'm going to keep doing the gaming prep/design/stuff that I should of been doing here for the last 7 years. Yay me!

The re-branding of this blog, the new name and url, is representative of the 'new' me. I'm non-binary, NB or "Enby". I'm also gender-fluid, which is to say that my gender identity shifts over time and not just between male and female. In exploring my gender mindscape, a sort of hexcrawl of identity, I have discovered and named aspects of myself which appear to be part of my sexuality and gender. Aside from Female and Male I've also identified Cat, Dragon, Magical, Mundane, Planet, and Space. Explaining them would take far too many words. But I'm at my best mental health when I'm magical, space, dragon and cat. Or to but it another way:

Hey! I'm Niles Calder, a Magical Space Dragon Nyanby!
Pleased to meetcha!

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