Thursday, 10 November 2011

House Rules, Part the First

I want to get something down here so I can reference them.

Attacks: (1d20+BAB+modifiers>=Defence (Def)+1d20)

Possible modifiers include
  • Strength modifiers for Fighting Men in melee combat.
  • Dexterity modifiers for ranged combat.

BAB = Base Attack Bonus (of course)
Defence = BDB+'Magical Bonuses'
BDB (Base Defence Bonus)= AC+DEXmodifiers.
There is a class based maximum on BDB. I think I got the idea for that here. Somewhere.

Scale: (5ft, 6 sec.)

1 battle scale inch equals 5 feet.
1 combat Round equals 6 seconds.
1 combat Bout equals 10 combat Rounds, equals 1 minute.
1 Scene equals 5 minutes.
1 hour equals 12 Scenes.


1000 coins = 1St.(Stones)
Player Characters may carry a maximum number of Stones equal to their Strength Attribute.
(taken from here)

Money: Silver Standard.

1 Plantinum Piece (P.P.) equals 10 Gold Pieces.
1 Gold Piece (G.P.) equals 20 Silver Pieces.
1 Silver Piece (S.P.) equals 2 Bronze Pieces.
1 Bronze Piece (B.P.) equals 5 Copper Pieces (C.P).

All prices given in the original rulebooks are converted down. So items listed in Gold Pieces are considered to actually be be in Silver Pieces.
I may expand this later

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