Thursday, 25 July 2019

Heads Up

I'm going to take a break from Heroes Unlimited and Phenomenal Paragons for a bit. I've got a whole bunch of character write-up to actually write up and a ideas for versus-battles but I don't have anything ready for this week and want to do some 'serious' world building and game design.

I've been asked to compile my Resolve mechanism, which is just a stress mechanic that forms part of the core of Project Tarragon Oubliette. Other subsystems, magic, psionics, superpowers and a bunch of other stuff plugs into it.

I could get a bunch of posts out of it. Or I could just put it all up on Google docs. Each would be about as easy as the other.

As for world building its fairly clear to be me that Fon Choille and related projects are on hold for now because of the desktop's death. So I need a new project to replace it. Something I actually want to finish. Something I can do on this laptop/tablet.

I'm partly inspired by the Ourbossa campaign I read about on Tumblr. (That's the final post in the series, but it links to the earlier ones; warnings for misogyny and cannibalism.) So that would be a shipwrecked island survival game. But I'd want to include some Westmarches elements.

Something to think about once I've written about Resolve.

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