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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Zing "Lucky"

I've created a whole bunch of mutant characters as part of my Phenomenal Paragons project. Some might say I even have a plethora of phenomenal paragon mutants. But not I.

These are broadly split into two groups: The Aberrations, my X-Men/Morlocks analog, and the Ruzhu family, who are more like the Fantastic Four, if they were Chinese and numbered more than four. The Aberrations were all built as NPCs and Minor Heroes. The Ruzhu Wu were generated as PCs and based on pregenerated characters from a Feng-Shui campaign I ran years ago; The Little Pigs. I posted the trailer script for the first part on Sunday.

So now that I've shared my main mutant paragon I'm going to share the rest of my mutants here.

This little pig went to market.

Ruzhu Zing, or "Lucky" Ruzhu to his friends, is a successful, wealthy, trader at the Hong Kong stock exchange. He is honest, respected and so deep into organised crime its obscene. His elder brother, Hung, is Mountain Man of the Ruzhu Wu triad and neither brother is beyond calling on the other for leverage, impact or aid.

There is also something squirrely, or rather piggy, in the Ruzhu family tree; Zing's niece, Wei Lu, has discovered that a distant ancestor was a mutant pig. Nobody is entirely sure how that works but the evidence is in the DNA. It certainly explains the youngest Ruzhu brother, Seiyu, who seems to have reverted to a more porcine nature after his years living on the streets.

Zing has always had a mind for numbers. He jokes that they are his friends and do as he asks. When he discovered his son's genius Zing's late father, Peipei, sent him to the best schools in Hong Kong and eventually to Oxford to read Mathematics and Economics.

It was while in England that his mutant abilities first appeared. Feeling homesick he visits Chinatown in London for a bowl and two. Eventually, drunk, he staggers down to the Thames and falls in from Waterloo bridge. The shock sobers him up immediately and he discovers he can breathe underwater. He's pulled from the water by Thames River Police. Later practice reveals that he can also direct the flow of water from any source. However he keeps the discovery secret, rationalising that will distract him from his studies.

Upon his return to Hong Kong he was head hunted by the stock exchange and happily took the job they offered him.

When poor cursed Seiyu's tragedy struck him, Zing would often send juniors down to the street to find him and make donations as Seiyu always declined the direct assistance of his family.

After Peipei's murder, the four brothers were brought together to protect their family and find the killer. Eventually identifying it as a traitor within the triad, Long Dye-Daai, a Eurasian mutant with wolf genes. The brothers destroyed her drug running operation, burning down the warehouse with her in it. However she survived, sending allies to attack the brothers where they felt safest. The triad's Greedy Pig teahouse was destroyed along with one of the home of one of the brothers, Hoisum. She also almost killed Seiyu's new partner, the burlesque dancer Sandi Soy. However the brothers again fought her off and believed her killed during a battle within the derelict Cheung Sha Wan abattoir.

Afterwards the twins, Hoisum and Seiyu, took their wives and children out of Hong Kong to Ennor, where their mother, and little sister Wei-Wei, ran their own restaurant, the Happy Pig. Hoisum took over running the restaurant, letting his mother retire and Wei-Wei focus on running her talent agency. Sandi opened a new nightclub, a re-imagined version of The Naked Blade club that she had run back in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile back in Hong Kong, Hung discovered that he was a father when Long Dye-Daai returned once more. Long had abducted one of his ex-girlfriends along with her child, Hung's secret daughter Ruzhu Wei-Yun. Hung and Zing gave chase, following a "breadcrumb" trail around the globe which eventually led them to grandma's house Ennor.

There Long had kidnapped the rest of the family, planning to wipe them all out in a single strike. Her first act of which was to murder Wei-Yun's mother. This caused Wei Yun's and Hung's mutant powers to erupt, literally in Hung's case, freeing the rest of the family and alerting some of Guardian City's Masks to the situation. Against this combined might Long and her forces were overwhelmed. Long snapped and began ranting about how her allies in "The Lodge" would avenge her. However in the 6 years since her arrest she has languished in Her Majesty's Prison: Bishop's Rock with no sign of rescue and no apparent vengeance enacted against any of the Ruzhu family.

Zing returned to his job in Hong Kong. He lives with his partner of nine years, Guan Jingyi-Fen. They have a pitbull called "Brad". Zing visits his family in Ennor once a year. For about a week. Usually during the spring.

Name: Ruzhu "Lucky" Zing.
"Team": The Ruzhu Wu.
Level: 5, Mutant
Height: 5'10", Weight: lbs, Age: 45
Alignment: Aberrant
Disposition: Schemer and risk-taker; gambles with the odds and infuriatingly pulls through.
IQ 27, ME* 16, MA 13, PS* 20 (26 in water), PP* 13, PE* 15, PB 23, Spd* 30
Hit Points*: 38, S.D.C.*: 130 (230 in water), P.P.E.: 21
*varies by lunar cycle; see below.

Age at Eruption: 20
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation (2 random and 1 cosmetic)
Neural: Strong Psychic Potential.
Neural: Extraordinary Intelligence. +1 perception, +5% all non-physical skills.
Feet: Webbed Toes. Double swimming speed; +15% all swimming skills.

Superpowers: Unstable Powers: Powers grow with age (further powers at levels 6, 10 & 15). 1 major power, 2 minor powers and 1 additional minor power.
Underwater Abilities: Breathe underwater, natural swimming skill, depth tolerance of 1.5 miles. Strength underwater is Extraordinary (+6 PS, carry x100, lift x200). Swimming speed x5 underwater.
Control Elemental Force: Water:

  • Calm Water: 300' radius within 1000' range, 12 minutes duration. 1 full round (all attacks) to initiate.
  • Create Waves: 300' radius within 1000' range, 2 attacks each.
    Small Waves: 2-8' high; Large Waves: 10-20' high; Huge Waves: 24-36' high, 84% chance to capsize small vessels, 60% chance to capsize medium vessels and 20% chance to capsize ships.
  • Water Slam: 190' range, duration 7 seconds (1/2 round), 2 attacks each. Victims lose 1 attack and the initiative.
  • Water Spout: up to 60' high, 3000 lbs lift, 150' range, 1 round duration, 1 attack to initiate. Those aloft at -8 to all combat rolls, or -2 if snow.
  • Wall of Water: 6' thick, 30' tall, and 30' wide. 25 minutes duration. -8 to strike through. Missile weapons lose 25% of their damage and range, lasers lose 50%, fire loses 75%. Takes 2 attacks to push through, except with superhuman or supernatural strength, when it takes only one. Those moving through at speeds of 50 mph or higher spend 2 attacks and take 1d6 damage for each 50 mph of speed.
  • Whirlpool: Range of 400', duration of 8 minutes. Full round action to form. 4d6 damage to everything in the water within 30', and -4 to all combat rolls.
  • Airbubble: 8' radius, 190' range, 40 minutes duration, 50 SDC. Each bubble takes 3 attacks to form.
  • Walk on Water: 4' radius, 50 minutes duration, 1 attack per round, half speed.
  • Sense depth to within 1d6 feet, sense direction underwater, resist cold. +1000' depth tolerance, Can hold breath for 1d4+4 mins.
Lunar Strength: Strength grows and ebbs with the cycles of the moon. Always knows the lunar phase, recognises "creatures of the night" on sight, cannot become undead or were-creature, +5% bonus to astronomy.
  • Full Moon: ME 26, MA 24, PS 40 (52 in water), Spd 45, SDC 190 (290 in water)
  • 3/4 Moon: PS 30 (39 in water), Spd 45, SDC 160 (260 in water)
  • 1/2 Moon: PS 25 (34 in water), Spd 37, SDC 145 (245 in water)
  • Sliver Moon: PS 15 (24 in water), Spd 22, SDC 97 (172 in water). -1 attack per round, -2 initiative, -1 to all combat rolls and saves.
  • New Moon: PS 10, PP 7, PE 7, Spd 15, Hit Points 31, SDC 65. -2 attacks per round, automatically loses initiative, combat and save bonuses are halved. No extraordinary strength or durability in water.
Bend Light: 
  • Can concentrate and separate ambient light to produce lights of any colour to illuminate a 100 square foot area with sufficient light to ready by.
  • Bed light around a 100 square foot area to make its contents invisible. Only those on initiative 18+ can spot the blank spot/ ripple  in the air.
  • Can parry light and lasers, creating an up  to 10' diameter 'shield' anywhere within 100'. Parried light can be sent against opponents, but without any strike bonues.
  • Displace their apparent positon so that anyone more than 10' way is at -3 to strike.
  • Can see into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges out to 500'. 
Natural Skills:
Charm/Impress 65%, Trust/Intimidate 80% (full moon only).
Scholastic Skills: +30%+13%
Acrobatics (Sense of Balance 98%, Highwire 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back-Flip 98%), Advanced Maths 98%, Armourer (Field) 98%, Athletics, Basic Maths 98%, Basic Radio 98%, Boxing, Business & Finances 98%, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Card Sharp 87%, Computer Hacking 98%, Computer Ops 98%, Computer Programming 98%, Concealment 83%, Cryptography 93%, Dieting, English Language 98%, English Literacy 98%, Find Illegal Weapons 89%, Gambling 98%, Gambling (Dirty Tricks) 98%, Intelligence 95%, Law (Business) 93%, Palming 88%, Pool Shark 98%, Radio Scrambler 98%, Recognise Weapons Quality 93%, Research 98%, Running, Streetwise (Con Games) 83%, Swimming 98%, W.P. Auto Rifle, W.P. Pistol, W.P. SMG, Wrestling, Writing 93%.
Secondary Skills: 
Astronomy 68%, Body-Building, Climb 88%, Cooking 53%, First Aid 83%, Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Pilot Automobile 83%, Pilot Motor Boat 93%, Prowl 68%, W.P. Paired Pistols, W.P. Shotgun.

Coma/Death: +0%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins: +0
Horror Factor: +0
Insanity: +1 (+9 Full Moon)
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +0
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +0
Psionics (15+): +3 (+8 Full Moon)
Possession: +2

Initiative: +2
Attacks per Round: 2+3+1
Strike: +2
Damage: +5 (+25, full moon, +37 full moon in water; +15 3/4 moon, +24 3/4 moon in water; +10 1/2 moon, +19 1/2 moon in water; +0 1/4 or new moon, +9 sliver moon in water)
 1d4 Punch
 1d4 per 12' fall into water
 1d6 per 12' fall onto land
 1d6 Snap Kick
 1d6 Small Wave
 2d4 Acrobatic/Kung-Fu Kick
 2d4+2 Crescent Kick
 2d6 Axe Kick
 2d6+5 Water Slam
 3d6 Roundhouse Kick
 4d6 Flying Jump Kick
 5d6 Large Wave
 6d6 Jump Kick
 10d6 Huge Wave
Dodge: +3
Parry: +3
Roll with Impact: +3
Pull Punch: +3
Disarm: +2

Carry Capacity: 400 lbs (2,600 lbs in water); Lifting: 800 lbs (5,200 lbs in water).
Carry Capacity (Full Moon): 800 lbs (5,200 lbs in water); Lifting: 1,600 lbs (10,400 lbs in water).
Carry Capacity (3/4 Moon): 600 lbs (3,900 lbs in water); Lifting: 1,200 lbs (7,800 lbs in water).
Carry Capacity (1/2 Moon): 500 lbs (3,400 lbs in water); Lifting: 1,000 lbs (6,800 lbs in water).
Carry Capacity (1/4 Moon): 150 lbs (2,400 lbs in water); Lifting: 300  lbs (4,800 lbs in water).
Carry Capacity (New Moon): 100 lbs; Lifting: 200 lbs.
Stamina: Carry Max 60 minutes, 30 minutes while running or fighting. Lifting for 15 rounds (225 seconds; 3,75 minutes).
Ground Speed: 21 mph for 15 minutes (5.25 miles).
Ground Speed (Full & 3/4 Moon): 31.5 mph for 15 minutes (7.88 miles).
Ground Speed (1/2 Moon): 25.9 mph for 15 minutes (6.48 miles).
Ground Speed (3/4 Moon): 15.4 mph for 15 minutes (3.85 miles).
Ground  Speed (New Moon): 10.5 mph for 15 minutes (2.63 miles).
Swimming Speed: 780 yards per round (2,340 ft) for 15 minutes (26.59 miles).
Swimming Speed (Full Moon): 1,560 yards per round (4,680 ft) for 15 minutes (53.2 miles).
Swimming Speed (3/4 Moon): 1,170 yards per round (3,510 ft) for 15 minutes (40 miles).
Swimming Speed (1/2 Moon): 1,110 yards per round (3,330 ft) for 15 minutes (37.84 miles).
Swimming Speed (3/4 Moon): 720 yards per round (2,160 ft) for 15 minutes (24.55 miles).
Swimming Speed (New Moon): 300 yards per round (900 ft) for 15 minutes (1 mile).
Leaping Distance: 5 ft. high and 10 ft broad with a running start, 6 ft. high and 3 ft. broad from a standing start. 13 ft. high and 26 ft. broad from water with a swimming start, 7.8 ft. high and 15.6 ft. broad from a floating start.
Leaping Distance (Full Moon): 10 ft. high and 20 ft. broad from a running start, 6 ft. high and 12 ft. broad from a standing start. 26 ft. high and 52 ft. broad from a swimming start, 15.6 ft. high and 31.2 broad from a floating start.
Leaping Distance (3/4 Moon): 7.5 ft. high and 15 ft. broad from a running start, 4.5 ft. high and 9 ft broad from a standing start. 19.5 ft. high and 39 ft. broad from a swimming start, 11.7 ft. high and 23.4 ft. broad from a floating start.
Leaping Distance (1/2 Moon): 6.25 ft. high and 12.5 ft. broad from a running start, 3.75 ft high and 7.5 ft. broad from a standing start. 17 ft. high and 34 ft. broad from a swimming start and 10.2 ft. high and 20.4 ft. broad from a floating start.
Leaping Distance (1/4 Moon): 3.75 ft. high and 7.5 ft. broad from a running start, 2.25 ft. high and 4.5 ft. broad from a standing start. 12 ft high and 24 ft. broad from a swimming start, 7.2 ft. high and 14.4 ft. broad from a floating start.
Leaping Distances (New Moon): 2.5 ft. high and 5 ft. brod from a running start, 1.5 ft. high and 3 ft. broad from a standing start.

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