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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Hoisum "Happy"

This little piggy stayed at home

Ruzhu Hoisum , or "Happy" Ruzhu to his friends and family, never had any ambitions outside of the kitchen. Now he's succeeded beyond his wildest dreams; a minor celebrity and successful businessman, running Ennor's ever popular Happy Pig restaurant. Other than through his brother, Hung, he has no connection to organised crime. Indeed his wife Xi is a police detective.

There is something squirrely, or rather piggy, in the Ruzhu family tree; Hoisum's daughter , Wei-Lu, has discovered that a distant ancestor was a mutant pig. Nobody is entirely sure how that works but the evidence is in the DNA. It certainly explains the youngest Ruzhu brother and Hoisum's twin, Seiyu, who seems to have reverted to a more porcine nature after his years living on the streets.

 Never comfortable with his father's criminal activities Hoisum set his ambitions on becoming a chef. Pei-pei, for all his faults, was never one to hold his loved ones back and instead used his wealth to send his son to some of the best cooking schools in the world. When not travelling the world learning his trade Hoisum worked in the Greedy Pig teahouse. He still tells of the time that his father arrived at the teashop and found him sweeping and cleaning. Pei-pei was incandescent with rage until Hoisum explained that this is how it worked, even in the kitchen; starting at the bottom and working up to the top.

When Hoisum married Xi she was welcomed with open arms even though having a cop in the family caused all sorts of problems. When she fell pregnant soon afterwards and Hoisum decided to become a full-time homemaker so that his wife could continue working, Pei-pei gifted the new family with a professional grade kitchen.

When poor Seiyu's tragedy struck Hoisum did everything in his power to help his twin while Pei-pei and Xi hunted the killer from opposite directions. But their efforts clashed, the killer escaped and Seiyu abandoned his life to live on the streets.

Ironically it was Pei-pei's own death that reunited the brothers.

Initially suspecting Pei-pei's old friend, and then Mountain Man of the Ruzhu Wu, Mr Long of the murder it eventually transpired that it was his adopted daughter Deirdre Daisy, or "Dye-Daai", Long who was responsible. The four brothers destroyed her drug operation and believed her dead in the conflagration.

Hoisum and his kids, Joey and Wei-Lu, finally managed to lift Seiyu out of the gutter with the help of his friend the burlesque dance Sandi Soy. Sandi and Seiyu quickly marry.

Just as soon as the family begin to settle D.D. Long resurfaces, destroying first the family teahouse, and then Sandi's nightclub. When Long's "wolf pack" attacks Hoisum in his home he is able to fight them off long enough for Xi and the kids to escape but is unable to escape himself before an explosion levels the property.

Miraculously Hoisum walks from the burning wreckage unharmed, a man of silver nigh impervious to harm. His mutant powers having erupted and saved his life.

Given China's attitude towards mutants and superhuman's at the time Hoisum, Xi and their children decided to leave Hong Kong and travel to the UK and Ennor. Seiyu and Sandi chose to join them. On Ennor Hoisum was reunited with his mother and accepted her invitation to become head chef of her restaurant. Eventually he took over more and more of the day to day running while she had more free time to just be Grandma. Of course retirement didn't slow her down. Xi leveraged her experience as a detective in Hong Kong to join the Guardian City Metropolitan Police Force.

Not long after moving to Ennor Hoisum's youngest, Lu, reveals that she has psychic powers. A few months later his eldest, Joey, awakens to his own mutant abilities.

The next year D.D. Long returns, smuggling a Chinese woman and child into Ennor. She tracks down the family and begins abducting them one by one. Zing and Hung turned up just in time to be captured themselves.

The family are reunited within a disused gasometer. There Long introduces them to the girl, Hung's long lost daughter Wei-Yun, and her mother; his ex-girlfriend. Long then murders the mother causing both Hung and Wei-Yun to erupt. Literally in Hung's case.

Together the family were able to battle Long and her allies. With the assistance of Ennor's superhuman vigilantes she was captured and brought to justice. She remains a resident of HMP Bishop's Rock, at Her Majesty's pleasure, to this day.

Afterwards Happy adopted Wei-Yun. His son Joey decides that he wants to join the army so he can better protect people. His daughter, Wei-Lu, her intellect amplified by her mutation, decides to study mutations and super powers. She excelled at school and just got her doctorate, at the age of 18.

Happy continues to run his restaurant and the adjacent meeting hall. His mother runs her Little Princess Club and martial arts school. Hope is still a kick arse detective. Wei-Yun is the teenaged hero Cloud, working closely with her aunt and the Paranormal Resources and Tactics Squad.

Name: Ruzhu "Happy" Hoisum
Super Identity: Stirling
"Team": The Ruzhu Wu
Level: 6, Mutant.
Height: 5' 10", Weight: 160 (800*) lbs, Age: 42.
Alignment: Principled.
Disposition: Cheerful and sunny.
IQ 13, ME 17, MA 23, PS 22 (44*), PP 25, PE 32, PB 24, Spd 30 (15*)
Hit Points 82, S.D.C. 173 (550*), P.P.E. 25, Chi 94
(*Silver body; superhuman strength)

Age of Eruption: 37
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation
Neural: Extraordinary Reflexes.
Combat: Retractable Knee & Elbow Spikes: +1 die damage to knee & elbow strikes; +1 Horror Factor when extended.
Hands: Ambidextrous.

Continuous Mutation. 1 Major power @ level 1, 1 Minor power @ level 2, 1 Major power @ level 4, 1 Minor power @ level 6. Additional powers at levels 8, 12 & 14.
Metal Manipulation:
  • Mold Metals: 
  • Melt and Cool Metals: 
  • Harden & Weaken Metals: 
  • Sharpen: 
  • Restore Metals: 
  • Shoot Metal: 
  • Metal Invulnerability: 
  • Sense Metal: 
Mechanical Awareness: 250' range
Alter Physical Structure: Silver: AR16, Horror Factor 13, 17 versus creatures vulnerable to silver.
Extraordinary Physical Endurance.

Skills: (Worldly Martial Artist)
Natural Skills
Alloy Metals 75%, Appraise Metals 80%, Charm/Impress 70%, Mold Metals 85%, Recognise Weapon Quality 90%, Trust/Intimidate 75%.
Scholastic Skills
Advanced Maths 85%, Art (Culinary) 90%, Basic Maths 95%, Biology 70%, Botany 65%, Business & Finance 75%, Cantonese Language 95%, Cantonese Literacy 75%, Computer Ops 80%, Cook (Profesional) 98%, Dietician, Law (General) 65%, Mandarin Language 95%, Philosophy: Taoism, Research 90%, Tai-Chi Ch'uan Martial Arts, Zoology 80%.
Martial Arts Skills
Body Chi, Calm Minds, Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat, Chi Awareness), Chi Healing, Dragon Chi.
Secondary Skills
Athletics, Climbing 65%, English Language 80%, English Literacy 60%, Pilot Automobile 70%, Running, Swimming 75%, W.P. Knife, W.P. Pistol, W.P. Throwing Knife.

Coma/Death: +32%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +#
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +8
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +8
Psionics (15+): +1
Possession: +0

Initiative: +1
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +5;
Damage: +7/+29
 1d4 Backhand
 1d6 Cold Metal
 1d6 Push Hands (Moves opponent PS feet)
 1d6 Palm Strike
 1d6 Snap Kick
 1d8 Kick
 2d4 Spiked Elbow Strike
 1d10 Crescent Kick
 2d6 Spiked Knee Strike
 2d6 Shoot Metal (per pellet; 1-4 pellets per action)
 3d6 Mold Metals (vs Metals)
 4d6 Hot Metal
Parry: +10;
Dodge: +11;
Automatic Dodge: +1
Roll with Punch: +4
Pull Punch: +0
Disarm: +0
Critical: 19+
Balance: +2

Carry Capacity: 440 (8,800*) lbs; Lifting: 880 (13,200*)lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 2,560 minutes (42 hours and 40 minutes), 1,280 minutes (21 hours and 20 minutes) while running or fighting. Lifting for 640 rounds (9,600 seconds; 160 minutes; 2 hours and 40 minutes)
Ground Speed: 21 (10.5*) mph for 1,280 minutes
Swimming Speed: 66 yrds (198ft.) per round. Not buoyant in silver form.
Leaping Distance: 5.5ft. (44ft.*) high; 11ft. (88ft.*) broad from a running start. 3.3ft. (26.4ft.*) high; 6.6ft. (52.8ft.*) broad from a standing start.

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