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Heroes Unlimited: Phenomenal Paragons: Captain Valiant

When Victor Valiant joined the British army he never thought he'd be suitable for Project Broomstick, Britain's supersoldier program. Now as Captain Valiant he has been assigned as government liaison to the Guardian City Metropolitan Police Force's Paranormal Resources And Tactics Squad.

This is the fourteenth character in my Phenomenal Paragons series. The introduction to which is here. It is inspired by Jacob Pisson's World's Strongest series, here.

It's been a while since I've done one of these so excuse me if things are a little different this time.

I've previously created a super-cop in the form of Jade "Swift" Justice. This is much the same only an actual soldier this time. So I'm not going onto as much detail this time around. Especially as the differences are rather minor.

So in that case, straight onto the character.

Name: Captain Victor Valiant
Super Identity: Captain Valiant
Team: P.R.A.T. Squad
Level: 1 Super Soldier
Height: 6', Weight: 180lbs
Alignment: Scrupulous.
IQ 11, ME 11, MA 11, PS 48, PP 18, PE 32, PB 14, Spd 39
Hit Points.: 55, S.D.C.: 131, P.P.E.: 20

Supersoldier Programme
Sponsor: H.M. Armed Forces
Motive: Combat
Procedure: Project Broomstick
Subject: Mutant (Genetic Aberration)
  • Flame red hair
  • Ambidextrous
Status: Active (£150,000 PA) Replication: Success. 1 supersoldier can be created a month, with minor variations between them. Process is secret and expensive.
Super Soldier Enhancements:
  • Physical Transformation.: Strength becomes Extraordinary.
  • Bionic Implants.: Impervious to exhaustion for first 2 hours of physical activity out of 24 and then after fatigues at half rate. However eats thrice as much and suffers from chronic headaches
  • Uncanny Targeting & Throwing.: Can throw anything that can be thrown (with weight considerations), over twice its normal distance. Suffers no penalties to shoot or throw due to motion. Can target two foes with one action but with no bonuses to hit. Can dodge or parry ranged attacks with a maximum of +2 to do so.
  • Increased Leaping.: Broad jumping distance is increased by 30', with an additional 5' per level. High jump is half that. Dropping is twice broad distance. Kicks do an additional 2d6 damage and are +2 to strike and disarm.
Super Abilities:
  • Superstrength.: Strength is Super. Fatigue at half rate.
  • Healing Factor.: Recovers 3 S.D.C. every 10 minutes (18/hour); 1 hit point every 15 minutes (4/hour). Can also instantly recover 4d6 points twice daily. Broken bones heal ten times faster than normal.
  • Extraordinary Physical Prowess.
  • Manipulate Kinetic Energy.: Can generate a field around himself that manipulates the kinetic energy of anything passing through it. This means that, as long as it's activated, any incoming kinetic based attacks (bullets, fists, swords, &etc) do half damage, while other attacks (fire, lasers, telepathy, &etc) do their normal damage. It costs one action per round to activate/maintain the field. Further all of their thrown attacks can do double damage or have double range but at -2 to strike. They can also redirect any item they've thrown at the cost of an action. Finally they can deflect incoming ranged attacks, gaining a +4 to parry them at the cost of an action.

Acrobatics (Balance 95%, Tightrope 95%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 85%) Advanced Maths, Armourer (Field), Athletics, Basic Maths, Boxing, Camouflage, Climbing 95%, Demolitions, Demolitions Disposal, Detect Concealment, English Language, English Literacy, Gymnastics (Balance 85%, Bars/Rings 95%, Climb Rope 85%, Backflip 98%), Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Intelligence, Interrogation, Land Navigation, Military Etiquette, N.B.C. Warfare, Night Fighting, Parachuting, Performance, Prowl 70%, Public Speaking, Running, SCUBA, Strategy & Tactics, Swimming, Trap/Mine Detection, TV/Video, Underwater Demolitions, W.P. Assault Rifle, W.P. Grenades, W.P. Knife, W.P. Pistol, W.P. S.M.G., Wrestling, Writing.
Secondary Skills:
Law (General), Pilot Automobile, Pilot Motorcycle, Research, Streetwise, W.P. Blunt, W.P. Shield, W.P. Throwing.

Coma/Death: +52%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +2
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +2
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +2
Psionics (15+): +0
Possession: +0

Initiative: +3
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +2; (+3 aimed, +1 Burst, +2 Thrown, +2 Called Shot, +1 Blunts, +2 Thrown Knives, +1 Thrown Weapons)
Damage: +33
1d4 Punch
2d4 Martial Arts Punch
2d4+2d6 Acrobatic Kick
Parry: +5; (+4 Kinetic Block, +1 Blunts, +1 Shield)
Dodge: +6;
Automatic Dodge: +3
Roll with Punch: +9
Pull Punch: +3
Disarm: +0
Pin: 18+

Carry Capacity: 9,600 lbs; Lifting: 14,400 lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 512 minutes (@8.5 hours), 256 minutes (@4 hours, 20 minutes) while running or fighting. Lifting for 128 rounds (1,920 seconds; 32 minutes)
Ground Speed: 27.3 mph for 128 minutes.
Swimming Speed: 144 yrds (432ft.) per round.
Leaping Distance: 39ft. high; 78ft. broad from a running start. 23.4ft. high; 46.8ft. broad from a standing start.

Project Broomstick was one of the UK's numerous super soldier programs during the second world war. Its goal was to create super soldiers with the power of flight. It failed. But only in the flight part. Through methods still classified, and much trial and error, the Ennor based research group was able to reliably create multiple super soldiers with only minimal variations. During the attempted invasion of Ennor in 1942 both the successes and the failures were instrumental in the island's defence. Although not without loses.

Broomstick wasn't the only successful super soldier programme. Britain also had Project Snowflake, Project Fruitcake, and Project Firework all of which were successful. Although Firework was discontinued due to the process being expensive and the short life expectancy of the program's subjects. The exact number of failed programs are still classified, although the disasters of  Project Black Moon and Project Minerva were declassified in the 1990's.

Ennor born Victor Valiant grew up on tales of the war and decided at quite a young age that he wanted to be a soldier. When he discovered that he was suitable for the Broomstick process he jumped to volunteer. Now instead of going to war he is attached to the police as their government liaison.

Join us next time for the, uh...

Heroic Hellion

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