Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Odyssey Sector

So I've been thinking of running an Open Table Traveller game using Classic Traveller, with a few adaptations which I'm still musing over.

I've already mapped out the central quadrant of a sector I call "Odyssey", with all the subsectors being named after mythical and fictional islands, or real islands from the myth of Odysseus. The mapped central quadrant subsectors being R'lyeh, Gondal, Laputa, and Krocylea.

Space. There sure is a lot of it.

In 1111 the Eclipse class cruise-liner Nemo jumps out of Margesi (Rhylanor; Spinward Marches 3212), heading for Suvfoto (Sabine; Deneb 0211) and the Core. It is a week behind schedule, delayed after one of its cargo lighters lost control of a container filled with low-berthed sheep, which impacted and destroyed the primary sensor array of the scout cruiser Polyphemus. It would be less than a footnote in history except for the Jump Anomaly.

Immediately upon the jump field propagating and the ship entering Jump Space the ship's automatic log recorded two simultaneous events.:

In one the ship jumps as normal, re-entering normal space a hundred diameters from Suvfoto roughly 165 hours later.

In the other the jump field immediately collapses, propelling the Nemo, and everyone aboard, along an incalculable vector that Jump Physicists are still trying to puzzle out to this day.

For those that arrived in Suvfoto the trip was otherwise unremarkable. But meanwhile, a distance which is at once both impossibly close and incomprehensibly distant, the Nemo is lost. All five hundred passengers and crew forced to survive in a galaxy that is as alien as it is familiar.

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