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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Minutes: Ruzhu Seiyu

This little piggy had none

Ruzhu Seiyu, "Piggy" to his friends, is now a well regarded Ennor business man, husband and father. But it wasn't always like this. You see Piggy was born under a curse, as the fourth son of the Ruzhu family. His twin, Happy, is only older by a few minutes, but that made all the difference between a lifetime of joy and one of sorrow.

But he didn't let superstition define him. He worked hard to overcome the perceived disadvantages  of his birth. By the time he was a young man he had a degree in philosophy, an offer of a teaching position at the university, and had met Xun Li Zhou. She was his first true love. Beautiful, intelligent, independent. She didn't need a man. That she chose to fall in love with him too was a blessing. They were young and successful; engaged to be married. So of course that's when the curse caught up to him.

On the way home from the family teahouse they were forced into an alley at gunpoint. Robbed. But when the man tried to take the engagement ring Li Zhou snapped and lashed out. The gun went off and... Li Zhou died in that alley, cradled in arms of her beloved, surrounded by filth.

Piggy tried to get on with his life. but every sleepless night he'd find himself wandering the streets, drawn inevitably to that alley. To the place where his love died. One day he never left. He abandoned career, home, family and life. Choosing to live, instead, on the street.

He expected to waste away and join his love in death. But the curse was not done with him. Instead he grew stronger, faster, tougher. Deep within him long dormant instincts woke. He changed on the outside too, becoming slightly more porcine in appearance. He used these new found strengths to help Hong Kong's other homeless. Soon rumours of a "pigman defender" spread.

Of course many discounted the stories as urban legend. Among these was a pimp who dragged one of his girls into a certain alley to "deal with" her and leave her corpse as a warning to the rest. Only he was confronted by a wall of muscle and rage. The pimp was the second person to leave that alley on a stretcher. When he came out of his coma, three years later, he was a transformed man. But that's another story.

The girl called herself "Sandi Soy" of all things. She decided that she owed Piggy her life. He dismissed such nonsense. He had thought, on some level, she was Li Zhou; that he had a second chance to save her. Or maybe she was trying to save him.

Sandi was an exotic dancer forced into prostitution by her 'agent'. Now that he was out of the picture she went back to her dancing. And she was very, very, good at it. Within the year one of the buildings beside the alley had opened into a high-end burlesque club, "The Naked Blade", and Piggy found himself unwillingly 'employed' as the stagedoor man. Protecting Sandi and the other dancers from overly amorous clients. As Sandi put it "You're out there anyway. Might as well help out."

Then Piggy's father was murdered and the brothers were brought back together. At first they thought Mr Long was responsible, but eventually realised that it was his adopted daughter Dye-Daii who was  behind the plot. They burned down her warehouse and destroyed her drug running operation. She clawed her way out of the ashes and came at the family again, destroying the tea house, Happy's home and The Naked Blade. In the end the brothers hunt her down to the abandoned Cheung Sha Wan abattoir. Leaving her for dead.

Piggy and Sandi had married and moved together above the club but after it had been trashed they sold it to Red, Joining with Happy and his family in moving to Ennor. There they opened up a new Naked Blade club. Sandi was expecting their daughter; Yi-Jing, "Joy".

The following year Dye-Daii came back from the dead and started abducting members of the family. Lucky and Red came to Ennor from Hong Kong, attempting to rescue Red's ex-girlfriend and their daughter, Wei-Yun, from Long. Unfortunately the family was reunited only briefly when Long murdered Wei-Yun's mother in front of Hung and the girl. The grief caused the mutant powers of both to erupt dramatically. Freeing the rest of the family, they collectively battled Long and her lackys in the disused gasometer she was using as a base. The conflict drew the attention of the local Mask community; Long was captured and sent to prison for murder. Where she languishes to this day.

Happy adopted Wei-Yun.

Name: Ruzhu "Piggy" Seiyu
Super Identity: Piggy
Level: 6, Mutant
Height: 5'10", Weight: 225 lbs, Age: 42.
Alignment: Taoist.
Disposition: .
IQ 13, ME 15, MA 23, PS 68, PP 26, PE 27, PB 24, Spd 148
Hit Points 45, S.D.C. 213, P.P.E. 23, Chi 208.

Age of Awakening: 29.
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration.
Mutant Characteristics: Freaky Mutations.
Skin: Leathery.
Oversized: Torso.
Body: Stocky.
Animal 2: Prey Instincts.
Hands: Ambidextrous.
Neural: Extraordinary Reflexes.
Combat: Knee & Elbow Spikes.
Misc: Modified Legs,

Animal Abilities: Hoofed; Pig.
Healing Factor.
Superhuman Strength.
Iron Will.

Natural Skills:
Charm/Impress 70%, Horror Factor 2, Trust/Intimidate 75%
Scholastic Skills:
Advanced Maths 98%, Athletics, Basic Maths 98%, Bodybuilding, Boxing, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Classical Chinese Studies 98%, Climbing 98%, Computer Ops 98%, Cryptography 85%, Dieting, English Language 98%, English Literacy 90%, Fashion Tools & Weapons 80%, Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts: Tai Chi Ch'uan, History: China 98%, Intelligence 87%, Law (Chinese) 85%, Law(General) 85%, Lore: Chinese Myth: Buddhism 95%, Lore: Chinese Myth: Taoist 95%, Mandarin language 98%, Mandarin Literacy 90%, Maoism 98%, Meditation 50%, Outdoorsmanship, Philosophy 98%, Philosophy: Taoism 98%, Physical Labour, Public Speaking 85%, Research 98%, Running, Streetwise 75%, Tai Chi, Teaching 85%, Wilderness Survival 90%, Winter Survival 98%, Writing 85%.
Secondary Skills:
Basic Electronics 75%, Basic Mechanics 55%, Begging 40%, Business & Finance 60%, First Aid 70%, General Repairs & Maintenance 60%, Prowl 65%, Qi Gong, W.P. Staff, W.P. Throwing.
Martial Art 'Skills':
Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat Chi Relaxation), Body Chi, Dragon Chi, Calm Minds.

Coma/Death: +64%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +4
Horror Factor: +6
Insanity: +4
Disease: +4
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +7
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +4
Psionics (12+): +4
Possession: +8
Mind Control: +7
Illusion: +6

Initiative: +1
Attacks per Round: 2+4
Strike: +6; +1 Grab/Throw,
Damage: +53
1d4 Punch
 1d6 Backhand
 1d6 Push Hands (knockback, Chi feet)
 1d6 Palm Strike
 2d4 Martial Arts Punch
 2d4 Spiked Elbow Strike
 2d6 Spiked Knee Strike
 2d6 Snap Kick
 2d4+1d6 Kick
 1d10+1d6 Crescent kick
 3d6 Porcine Kick
Parry: +11;
Dodge: +14;
Automatic Dodge: +7
Roll with Punch: +5
Pull Punch: +0
Disarm: +0
Critical: 19+

Carry Capacity: 13,600 lbs; Lifting: 20,400 lbs
Ground Speed: 103.8 mph
Leaping Distance: 94 ft. high; 166 ft. broad from a running start. 56.8 ft. high; 111.6 ft. broad from a standing start.

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