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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Hung

This little piggy had roast beef

Ruzhu Hung, or "Red" Ruzhu to his friends, is Mountain Man of the Ruzhu Wu Triad in Hong Kong. He is also a rebel and freedom fighter, at least to his allies; a criminal and terrorist to the Chinese authorities. Although they only know him as the Hóng Lóng; the Red Dragon of Hong Kong.

You've probably already heard the story by now. How a distant ancestor of the Ruzhu family was a mutant pig. While that's certainly true of poor cursed Seiyu; Red suspects that, looking at his own mutations, there might have been a dragon in the mix too.

As the eldest brother Red had always expected to take over the family business. Said business being organised crime. Lucky as the accountant, Happy to run the tea house, and Seiyu to... well he was unplanned. Of course nothing went to plan. Lucky was head hunted by the stock exchange. Happy got married, to a frigging cop, and became a stay-at-home dad. And Seiyu... poor tragic Seiyu.

Red had always expected to take over, but when Pei-Pei retired he put his associate Mr Long in charge. Long brought in his adopted daughter, Dye-daii; a huge Eurasian freak, scarred and mute by an animal attack as a child that had killed both her parents. Red might have felt sorry for her in any other situation. But now she stood closer to what he saw as his rightful place than he did. After Long took over Red saw a change in the Triad, a change he didn't like. Although it had never been the tightest of ships; pigs after all. Now more members were being ejected for dabbling in drugs, jobs were getting more violent and the food at the tea house had gotten worse.

Then Pei-Pei was murdered. First Red and his brothers suspected a rival tong. Then Mr Long. But eventually they discovered that it was Dye-daii who was behind it. Behind all of it. They discovered that she was running drugs through a warehouse. They tracked it down and burnt it to the ground; Dye-daii inside it.

Of course she came back and destroyed the tea house, the nightclub Piggy was living at, and Happy's home. Red was able to track her down to the derelict Cheung Sha Wan abattoir and the four brothers fought her and her minions. Red himself left her hanging with a meat hook in her back and the chain wrapped around her neck.

It took Dye-daii a few years to come back from that one. But when she did she tracked down one of Red's old girlfriends, Li Zan Hsu, and their daughter Wei-Yun; abducting them both and letting him know she had done so. Teaming up with Lucky, Red tracked her down to Ennor. She had abducted the rest of the family and was threatening to kill them if Red and Lucky didn't turn themselves over to her. Which they did. It was the first  time Red had met his daughter. Gloating, Dye-daii murdered Li Zan. The shock caused both Red and Wei-Yun to erupt. In his case he became a demonic-looking creature of lava and fire, while Wei-Yun was transformed into an ethereal winged being of cloud. Freeing the rest of the family they again fought Dye-daii and, with the assistance of local masks, she was arrested and imprisoned.

But Red was forever transformed; now a red-skinned, golden haired (and horned) person. His mutation obvious to everyone. Lucky was able to get his brother back home, but Red was no longer able to be the public face of the Triad. Instead, pulling strings behind the scenes. He became Hóng Lóng; the Red Dragon of Hong Kong. The government came for him and he resisted. Resistance spread and now he has gone from the leader of a criminal gang to the figurehead of a counter-revolution.

Name: Ruzhu "Red" Hung
Super Identity: Red Dragon (Hóng Lóng)
Level: 6, Mutant
Height: 6'5" (including horns), Weight: 180 (360*) lbs, Age: 47.
Alignment: Anarchist.
Disposition: .
IQ 12, ME 12, MA 21, PS 32 (42*), PP 24, PE 27, PB 28, Spd 30 (15*)
Hit Points 51, S.D.C. 114 (184*, 154**, 234 ***), P.P.E. 30, I.S.P. ##, Chi ##.
(*lava form, **flying, ***flying in lava form)

Age of Eruption: 41.
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration.
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation (2 random and 3 cosmetic)
Hands: Ambidextrous.
Animal Traits II: Predatory Instincts.
Cosmetic: Metallic red skin, golden hair and nails.
Cosmetic: Angelic Face
Cosmetic: 7" Horns.

Unstable Powers: (1 major and 2 minor) An additional Altered Physical State power activates when character is in an extreme emotional state or forced to fight on when at 0 S.D.C. and 20 or less Hit Points.
APS Lava:
  • Limited Invulnerability: Body melts most physical attacks (arrows, bullets, knives, swords and similar) within a few seconds. These attacks do zero damage. Attacker takes 3d6 damage, and 2d6 damage per round for 1d4 rounds. Takes no damage from any fire, plasma of fire based magic.
  • Superhuman Strength.
  • Flowing Body: Body can flow like lava, melting through most materials at a rate of 6" every 7 seconds. Denser materials such as stone take 1" per minute. Can control heat output so that they can handle most things other than highly flammable materials such as paper and cardboard. Worn, M.D.C. and magical items are unaffected. Body can spread out into a river 20' wide, 30' long and 3' deep. Does 1d4x10(+6d6) damage per round to everything in its path. Speedsters take 1d4x10 damage per round when moving through the area. Anything enveloped has a 75% chance to be trapped, needing 50 strength (half if superhuman or supernatural) to escape.
  • Shoot Lava Jet: 180' range, 6d6 damage. Half damage per round for 1d4 rounds. 1 action.
  • Bonuses and Limitations: +70 S.D.C. Speed is halved while transformed. Takes double damage from cold or water (and speed is halved again after attack). Takes 2d4x10 damage from immersion in water or ice. Explosions do half damage. Horror Factor 13.
Control Elemental Force: Fire:
  • Ignite: Range 30'. 1 action.
  • Extinguish: 120' radius within range of 300'. Once every 2 rounds taking 2 actions.
  • Flame Growth: 4x fire area. 120 radius within 300'. Duration of 4 minutes. 1 action.
  • Smoke Cloud: Drawing smoke from all sources within 300', fills 30' cube with impenetrable smoke, within 100; for 4 minutes. Takes 2 actions. All combat actions through smoke are -8.
  • Fire Burst: range pf 150', 4d6+12 damage. 1 action, +2 to strike.
  • Fire Wall: drawing from flame sources within 60' can create a 60' long wall of any shape, within 60'. Duration of 10 mins. 2 actions to create, but only once per round.
  • Fire Invulnerability: Invulnerable to all fire, heat, smoke, and plasma. Even magical. 
  • Temperature Sense: Know any temperature above zero within +/- d6 degrees.
Indestructible Bones: +1d6 HtH damage. Halve fall damage.
Wingless Flight: 320 mph flight. +40 S.D.C. while in flight.

Natural Skills:
Climbing 75%
Scholastic Skills:
Acrobatics (Balance 98%, Tightrope 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%,), Advanced Maths 95%, Athletics, Armoury (Field) 95%, Basic Electronics 85%, Basic Maths 95%, Basic Mechanics 85%, Boxing, Business & Finance 85%, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Computer Ops 95%, Detect Ambush 80%, Dieting, Disguise 85%, English language 98%, English Literacy 98%, General Repair 90%, Gymnastics (Balance 98%, Bars & Rings 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%), Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Intelligence 82%, Law (General) 75%, Pilot Automobile 98%, Prowl 98%, Running, Sniper, Streetwise: Organised Crime 70%, Toxicology 95%, Tracking 80%, W.P. Automatic Pistol, W.P. Automatic Rifle, W.P. Bolt-Action Rifle, W.P. Chain, W.P. Knife, W.P. Revolver, W.P. Shotgun, W.P. Sub-Machine Gun, Wrestling.
Secondary Skills:
Bodybuilding, Dancing, Musical Instrument: Saxophone, Palming, Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Pilot Motorcycle, Research, Seduction, Singing.

Coma/Death: +24%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +7
Horror Factor: +0
Insanity: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +6
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +7
Psionics (15+): +0
Possession: +0

Initiative: +3
Attacks per Round: 2+5(+6 flying)
Strike: +8; +10 (flying)
Damage: +17 (+27*), +4 each additional 20mph of flying speed.
1d6 Backwards Leg Sweep 1d4+1d6 Punch 1d4+1d6 Crush
 2d4+1d6 Acrobatic/Gymnastic Kick
 2d6 Martial Arts Punch
 2d6 Snap Kick
 3d6 Axe Kick
 3d6 Karate Kick
 4d6 Roundhouse Kick
Parry: +11; (+13 flying)
Dodge: +10; (+14 flying slower than 80mph; +16 flying faster)
Automatic Dodge: NA
Roll with Punch: +10
Pull Punch: +4
Disarm: +2
Pin: 18+
Critical: 18+

Carry Capacity: 640 (8,400) lbs; Lifting: 1,280 (12,600) lbs
Stamina: Carry Max 108 (216*) minutes, 54 (108*) minutes while running or fighting. Lifting for 27 rounds (405 seconds; 6 minutes, 45 seconds)
Ground Speed: 21 mph for 27 minutes (9.45 miles)
Flying Speed: 320 mph for 27 minutes (144 miles)
Leaping Distance: 8 (42*) ft. high; 16 (84*) ft. broad from a running start. 5.8 (25.2*) ft. high; 9.6 (50.4*) ft. broad from a standing start

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