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Heroes Unlimited: Myriad Mutants: Ruzhu Wei-Wei

And this little piggy went... all the way home.

Born in 1989 Wei-Wei was obviously different from the outset, with a metallic glint to her skin. The full extent of her mutant abilities didn't become evident until her third year. The hide-and-seek incident was terrifying for her family. She vanished and then was found, apparently dead, in a cupboard. Only for her to suddenly awake with a giggle. The wood and tentacles were a surprise, but much less so.

1999 was the year Hong Kong was due to be handed back to China, and China's attitude towards mutants was well known. Not wanting their daughter taken and enslaved, the family made the difficult decision to split up. Wei-Wei and her mother, Mei-Mei, moved away to Ennor on the eve of the handover. Before her tenth birthday Wei-Wei found herself uprooted to a new country, a new island, and a new city, without her father and brothers. It was less traumatic than expected. The old fashioned Chinese buildings of Little Hong Kong made the neighbourhood feel quaint and homely. The great-aunt with the ailing restaurant business was kind and welcoming. The cousins less so, after Mei-Mei took over and rescued the restaurant. But the community backed her up, especially after she created the "Little Princesses Club".

Wei-Wei had already begun her training in Wui Wing-Chun but some of her new friends expressed an interest in learning. Her mother encourage the interest and what started as mother and daughter's after-school practice became an after-school club for girls of all ages in the neighbourhood. Beyond, even, when a Hindi family from Banger Town enrolled their daughter, Aditi, into the club; forming a bond between the two communities that blossoms to this day.

When she was 16 Wei-Wei was headhunted by a modelling agency. She didn't like how toxic the industry was but persevered through the five years she was in-vogue for. After 'retiring' at the age of 22 she started up her own agency, vowing that the people she represents will be treated well. Many of her clients are alumni of the Little Princesses Club, including Bollywood actress Aditi Rao.

The following year two of her brothers, Happy and Piggy, moved to Ennor with their families. Happy took over running the restaurant, Piggy and his wife, Sandi, opened a burlesque club in an adjoining building already owned by the family.

Then the person her brothers had come to Ennor to evade caught up with them, dragging a secret niece and the girl's mother, along with her. This Deidre "Dye-Daii" Long; literally the "Big-Bad Wolf"; abducted the Ruzhu family and held them hostage until Lucky and Red surrendered to her. Long's first action after capturing the entire Ruzhu family was to murder the abducted girl's mother. Both the girl and Red erupted with power at the shock. She, Wei-Yu, became a winged phantom sylph while Red transformed into a molten scarlet, demonic, figure of fire. As Red rushed Long and Wei-Yu wailed over the body of her mother. Wei-Wei took the opportunity to free herself and her family, each joining the fight in turn. Long, and her minions, were a match for the smaller group of mutants but the tide was turned when local masked vigilantes, guided by the Little Princesses, arrived in force.

Long was quickly overwhelmed and captured. Then imprisoned. Everything went back to what passes as normal for the Ruzhu family. At least for the next seven years or so.

Name: Ruzhu "Fern" Wei-Wei
Super Identity: Bamboo
Level: 6, Mutant
Height: 5'9", Weight: 120 lbs, Age: 30.
Alignment: Taoist.
Disposition: .
IQ 24, ME 21, MA 18, PS 19 (29*), PP 17, PE 23, PB 33, Spd 25
Hit Points 48, S.D.C. 52, P.P.E. 25, Chi 38.
(*Tentacles; Supernatural strength)

Age of Awakening: 3 (Although most of her mutant characteristics were evident from birth)
Cause of Mutation: Genetic Aberration.
Mutant Characteristics: Broad Mutation (4 random, 3 cosmetic)
Eyes: Independent Eyes.
Animal 1: Hibernation: Only needs 10% oxygen when hibernating; no food nor water required. Appears dead except to medical examination.
  1. Level 1 Hibernation: Takes 2 actions and lasts for up to 23 hours. She is completely aware and can leave hibernation at any time for the cost of no actions.
  2. Level 2 Hibernation: Tales 4d6 minutes to enter from level 1 and lasts up to 11.5 months. Takes 5d6 minutes to leave. She is completely unaware for duration and must decide how long hibernation will last when she enters it.
Neural: Extraordinary IQ.
Combat: Retractable Knee & Elbow Spikes. +1d6 damage to knee & elbow strikes. +1 Horror Factor when extended.
Skin: Sunproof Skin: Half damage from Light
Face: Angelic Face:
Skin: Metallic (but otherwise normal complexion)

Superpowers: 2 major
Matter Expulsion: Wood: +10% climbing wooden structures.
  • Shoot Wooden Arrows from finger tips: range of 600'. 1 to 4 arrows per action, doing 1d8 damage each.
  • Splinter Blast: Generates 3d6+10 splinters in a foot wide cone with a range of 25'. Does only 1d6 damage to bare  skin. However splinters also cause -1 to initiative, attack and parry rolls due to pain. Also penalise skills use by -10%; -30% if using affected area. Each splinter takes 1 action to remove.
  • Create Wooden Object: Can create up to 19 lbs of wood for 1 action. Remains for 1d4 minutes after being discarded. Weapons created in this manner do normal damage. Effective against vampires and some other supernatural creatures.
  • Create Wooden Armour: Can wrap herself (only) in wooden armour with an AR of 12 and 125 S.D.C.. Floats on water.
Prodigious Multiple Arms: 6 Tentacles: Each tentacle has a supernatural PS of 29 and length of up to 10 feet. Climbing with tentacles grants a Superior Climbing Skill. Each pair of tentacles used in combat grants an extra action. Each individual tentacle grants a +1 to strike, parry and entangle. Each tentacle is finger thick and appears to  be made out of segmented wood/bamboo.

Natural Skills:
Charm/Impress 98%, Superior Climbing 97%, Trust/Intimidate 50%.
Scholastic Skills:
Aerobics, Basic Maths 98%, Business & Finance 98%, Cantonese Language 98%, Cantonese Literacy 98%, Climbing 98% (Rappelling 95%), Command +70%/+105%, Computer Ops 98%, Confidence Talking 98%, Contacts 56%, Disguise 98%, English Language 98%, Fasting 98%, Gymnastics (Balance 98%, Bars & Rings 98%, Climb Rope 98%, Back Flip 98%), Mandarin Language 98%, Philosophy: Taoism (Feminist) 98%, Prowl 95%, Research 98%, Swimming 98%,
Combat Skills:
Ch'in-na (Secondary Martial Arts), W.P. Archery, W.P. Knives, W.P. Paired Weapons, W.P. Staff, W.P. Naginata, Wui Wing-Chun Kung Fu (Primary Martial Arts).
Martial Arts Skills: (All Atemi are derived from Ch'in-na; all Katas from Wui Wing-Chun)
Art of Disguise 98%, Blood Flow Atemi, Body Chi, Chi Mastery (Chi Awareness, Chi Combat, Chi Relaxation), Grasping Atemi, Healing Atemi, Kata of Five Principles, Neural Atemi, Martial Arts Awareness, Special Martial Arts Bonus, Windmill Kata.
Secondary Skills:
Art (Make Up) 75%, Carpentry 65%, English Literacy 70%, First Aid 75%, Juggling 75%, Marathon, Running, W.P. Blunt, W.P. Shield, W.P. Spear, W.P. Throwing.

Coma/Death: +16%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +4
Horror Factor: +0
Insanity: +4
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +4
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +4
Psionics (15+): +3
Possession: +0

Initiative: +0; +1 Thrown, +6 within 16', +7 Thrown within 16'.
Attacks per Round: 2+1; (+3 Ch'in-na), (+5 Wui Wing-Chun); +1 per 2 tentacles.
Strike: +1; +3 Blunt (+6 Thrown), +2 Ch'in-na, +4 Knife (+9 Thrown Knife), +4 spear (+8 Thrown), +3 Staff (+6 Thrown), +2 Shield (+4 Thrown), +2 Wui Wing Chun; +1 per tentacle.
Damage: +4 (+9 Ch'in-na; +6 Wui wing Chun); +28 with tentacles.
 1 Fingertip Strike (Ch'in-na).
 1d4 Backhand (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4 Crush (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4 Forearm (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4 Punch (Ch'in-na & Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d6 Claw Hand (Ch'in-na).
 1d6 Knife Hand (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d6 Palm Strike (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d6 Tonfa
 1d8 Double Knuckle Fist (Wui Wing-Chun).
2d4 Gymnastic Kick.
 1d10 Power Punch (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d10 Flying Jump Kick (Wui Wing-Chun).
 1d4+1d6 Elbow (Wui Wing-Chun).
 2d6 Knee (Wui Wing-Chun).
 2d6 Staff
Parry: +3; +5 Blunt, +5 Ch'in-na, +6 Knife, +6 Shield, +5 Staff, +6 Wui Wing-Chun; additional +1 per tentacle; additional +2 within 16'.
Dodge: +1; +3 Ch'in-na, +4 Wui Wing-Chun; additional +4 within 16'.
Automatic Parry: Additional +2 vs. multiple attackers only. Kata of Five Principles.
 Automatically deflects all muscle-powered ranged attacks. Windmill Kata.
Automatic Dodge: Additional +2 vs. multiple attackers only. Kata of Five Principles.
Special Attacks:
 Blood Flow Atemi: Any fingertip attack of 9< which hits does 1d8 damage (only; nou damage bonus), straight to hit points. (Ch'in-na)
 Crush/Squeeze: (Ch'in-na)
 Grab/Knee: Roll to grab opponent with both hands. Upon success roll to strike with knee for double damage. (Wui Wing-Chun)
 Grasping Atemi: Any hold of joint lock attack does 2d6+3 damage. (Ch'in-na)
 Hand Hold/Strike: Two handed strike, requiring two rolls. First to grab opponent's hand and the second to strike. Does an additional +3 damage but prevents dodges and parries for rest of round. (Wui Wing-Chun)
 Neural Atemi: Successful (Ch'in-na) attack can paralyze a limb for 2d6 minutes. on the third successful paralysis attack against the same opponent they suffer full body paralysis for 2d6 minutes. Breathing and heartbeat are unaffected. (Ch'in-na)
 Parry/Strike: Once per round may parry a single opponent and then immediately attack them with zero bonuses to strike. (Wui Wing-Chun)
 Pin/Incapacitate: 18+ (Ch'in-na)
Roll with Punch: +3 (+4 with Wood Armour); +5 (+6) Ch'in-na, +7 (+8) Wui Wing-Chun.
Pull Punch: +0 (+3 with tentacles)
Disarm: +0 (+3 with tentacles)
Balance: +0; +1 Ch'in-na, +3 (Wui Wing-Chun)
Critical: 18+ Auto from behind; (Ch'in-na & Wui Wing-Chun)
KO/Stun: Nat. 20 (Ch'in-na), Nat. 19+ (Wui Wing-Chun)
Killing Blow: Nat. 20 (Ch'in-na)

Carry Capacity: 380 (5,800*) lbs; Lifting: 760 (8,700*) lbs.
Stamina: Carry Max 92 minutes, 46 minutes while running or fighting. Lifting for 23 rounds (345 seconds; 5.75 minutes)
Ground Speed: 17.5 mph for 23 minutes. (6.7 miles)
Swimming Speed: 57 yrds (171ft.) per round for 23 minutes. (2.9 miles)
Leaping Distance: 4.75ft. (58ft.*) high; 9.5ft. (174ft.*) broad from a running start. 3.85ft. (34.8ft.*) high; 5.7ft. (104.4ft.*) broad from a standing start.

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