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Heroes Unlimited: Overwhelmed Onlookers: Aditi Rao

This is a new thing to go alongside Phenomenal Paragons and Callous Criminals. This is going to be highly varied, with specific characters, whole groups of NPCs and whatever takes my fancy. They're not criminals and they're not supers. They're regular people.

I created Aditi as a PC, stopping short of giving her a super power class, or any class. A class sort of happened anyway because I decided to experiment with an optional education chart, and skill programs, I found on the Palladium Books forum. This is more detailed and varied, giving access to already well thought out professions than I could assemble by hand. She's not a superhuman. But she's borderline.

I kind of wish she'd fought Belladonna.

Step One: The Usual.

Instead of flat 11's across the board I rolled as I would do with a PC. The dice were awesome. I haven't had rolls this good in a long time. A thing to remember is that when an attribute rolls a 16 or higher in Palladium an additional d6 is rolled and added to the attribute. Because that happened here. Twice.
IQ 15, ME 14, MA 22 (18+4), PS 13, PP 14, PE 14, PB 22 (16+6), Spd 13.
Now I'd already rolled for PB during the battle when I'd been looking to see if anyone would take Belladonna's fancy. I stopped here, 8 rolls in. I was unlikely to get a better roll.

Step Two: Hit Points, S.D.C. and P.P.E. 

Hit points are still based on PE, with +1d6 per level. I don't know what the final PE will be but I roll 1d6 all the same, as I've decided to make Aditi first level too. 6. I make a note.

S.D.C. for normal people starts at 20. I make a note of that too.

P.P.E. or regular people is 2d6, 6d6 for super people; I roll an 11.

Step Three: Education.

As I said, I used an optional education chart I found on the game's forums. Using it I discovered that Aditi spent the equivalent of three years in college and did a trade school. Specifically she's a dedicated martial artist. 
To start she gets some basic skills:
 Native LiteracyNative Language, going with English as native.
 Basic MathsAdvanced Maths.
She then gets the pick of an exclusive martial arts style from Ninjas & Superspies and possibly a second martial arts style or some of the more esoteric abilities from the first style. Given that different styles don't stack I thought focusing on the one style would be best. Although I thought that Tai Chi might be a good second style. For her Exclusive style I went for Wui Wing Chun as it's a good all-round style. It's also really exclusive as it is taught only to women. So how did an Ennor born, to Sikh parents, girl learn a rare women-only Chinese martial arts style? Patience, I'll get to it.
Wui Wing Chun gives +10 Chi (yes Chi, again I'll get to it), +3 MA, +2 PS, +1 PP; +3 Attacks, +2 roll with impact, +1 parry, +1 dodge, +1 strike, and critical strike from behind. We also get some skills.
 Climbing,  Gymnastics, +2 rol with impact, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +12 SDC.
 Language - CantoneseProwlSwimmingPhilosophy - Taoist (Feminist)W.P. ArcheryW.P. Bo-StaffW.P. KnivesW.P. Paired Knives
We also get a pick of two Martial Arts 'Powers' (techniques, katas, &etc). They're more like "feats" or "talents". I pick:
 Martial Arts Awareness, which is similar to the technique that Zatoichi uses; the ability to sense the Chi of nearby opponents. This gives us +6 initiative, +2 parry, +4 dodge against anyone within 6 foot. This area grows by 2 foot per level. We don't get this bonus against invisible foes but neither are we penalised against them.
 Kata of Five Principles. A kata takes a whole round to run through but for that round you get the bonuses from the kata. In this case we get +2 automatic circular/multiple parry, and +2 automatic multi-dodge. We also get to add our regular dodge and parry bonuses to them too.
Now I have the choice between a second martial arts style, the "Special Martial Arts Bonus", or the "Special Abilities of the Master". Since the special abilities are superpowers, and I've already chosen not to take a second style, I go for the bonus. This gives me an additional martial arts 'power' at level 1 (and 6, and 10). I choose Body Chi from the Chi Mastery list. This allows the character to temporary boost some of their attributes. Specifically ME, MA, PS, PP, and Spd.
Because we have a Chi Mastery ability we also get the three default abilities from Chi Mastery; Chi Awareness, which makes the character sensitive to chi around her. Chi Relaxation, which accelerates the recovery of chi and grants additional 'will power' to a character for specific things. In theory she can resist her sorcery-created affections for Belladonna, if she wants. Unless her chi drops below 10, at which point she can't fight it any more. Finally there's Chi Defense, which is used to protect the character from Chi attacks.
Next we get to pick a basic skill program. I choose Basic: Screen Acting. With a focus on Bollywood.
 Plyometrics, +2 PP, +2 PS, Spd+2.

For secondary skills:
 Literacy: ChineseLanguage: Hindi, her parent's native language.
 Literacy: Hindi,  Running, +1 PE, +12 Spd, +6 SDC. (The dice still love me)
 First AidBodybuilding & Weight Lifting, +2 PS, +10 SDC.
 Computer OpsSingingQi Gong, a specific sort of exercises from China; +1 all saves, 2x Chi.
 Tai Chi, the exercises, not the martial arts; +12 Chi, +2 maintain balance, grab/throw, +1 roll with impact.

This is the point I'd normally be rolling for super powers. But not this time.

Step Four: Alignment.

I roll an 8 on my d10; our first Taoist. Which is appropriate.

Step Five: Chi.

Chi equal PE plus any bonuses and times any multipliers. So ((14+2+1)+10+12)x2=78.

Now to the character sheet.

Aditi Rao

Height: 5'10", Weight: 150 lbs. Age: 24.
Alignment: Taoist
Disposition: Quiet and thoughtful. Pushes herself too hard to do right by those she loves.

IQ 15, ME 15, MA 25, PS 19, PP 17, PE 17, PB 22, Spd 27.
Hit Points: 23, S.D.C.: 68, P.P.E: 11, Chi: 78.

Natural Skills:
Charm/Impress 60%, Trust/Intimidate 84%.
Scholastic Skills:
Acting 65%, Advanced Maths 70%, Basic Maths 70%, Cantonese Language 65%, Climbing 70% (Rappelling 60%), Dancing 55%, Disguise 50%, English Language 98%, English Literacy 75%, Gymnastics (Back Flip 92%, Climb Rope 82%, Sense of Balance 73%, Work Bars and Rings 83%), Impersonation 64%/44%, Philosophy - Taoist (Feminist) 62%, Plyometrics, Prowl 55%, Research 60%, Swimming 75%.
Combat Skills:
W.P. Archery, W.P. Bo-Staff, W.P. Knives, W.P. Paired Knives, Wui Wing Chun Kung Fu.
Martial Arts Skills:
Body Chi, Chi Awareness, Chi Defense, Chi Relaxation, Kata of Five Principles, Martial Arts Awareness, Special Martial Arts Bonus.
Secondary Skills:
Body Building, Cantonese Literacy 35%, Computer Operations 45%, First Aid 50%, Hindi Language 55%, Hindi Literacy 55%, Qi Gong, Running, Singing 40%, Tai Chi.

Coma/Death: +5%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +1
Horror Factor: +0
Insanity: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +1
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +1
Psionics (15+): +0
Possession: +0

Initiative: +0 (+6 within 6')
Attacks/Round: 2+3
Strike: +2 (+3 Knife)
Damage: +4
 Punch: 1d4+4
 Knife Hand: 1d6+1
 Double Knuckle Fist: 1d8+4
 Power Punch: 1d10+4
 Backhand: 1d4+4
 Palm Strike: 1d6+4
 Kick: 1d8+4
 Trip/Leg Hook: 0, Knock down.
 Snap Kick: 1d6+4
 Backwards Sweep: 0, Knock down. 
 Knee: 1d6+4
 Elbow: 1d4+4
 Forearm: 1d4+4
Parry: +2 (+4 within 6')
 Automatic Circular/Multiple Parry +4 (+6 within 6') Kata.
Dodge: +2 (+6 within 6')
 Automatic/Multiple Dodge +4 (+8 within 6') Kata.
Roll with Impact: +3
Maintain Balance: +2
Death Blow: +0
Special Attacks:
 Combo Strike/Parry: 1 action.
 Combo Grab/Kick: Critical damage. 1 action.
 Combo Hand Hold/Strike. +3 damage. 2 actions
 Leap Attack: Critical damage. 1 action; only attack in round.
 Reverse Turning Kick (Combo Dodge/Kick): No bonuses. 1 action.
Pull Punch:  +0
Knock Out/Stun: +0
Critical (x2 damage): 20
 Critical from rear: Automatic if rear.

Carrying Capacity: 380 lbs, Lifting: 760 lbs.
Stamina: Carry Max 68 minutes, 34 minutes while running and fighting. Lifting for 17 rounds (255 seconds; 4.25 minutes).
Ground Speed: 18.9 mph for 17 minutes.
Swimming Speed: 57 yards (171 ft.) per round for 17 minutes.
Leaping Distance: 4.75 ft. high and 9.5 ft. broad from a running start. 2.85 ft. high and 5.7 ft. broad from a standing start.

The eldest daughter of sikh parents, Aditi spent her formative years living in a tenement on the edge of Bangertown, where it presses up against Little Hong Kong. At quite an early age she met and befriended neighbouring children from "across the way".

Pretty soon she persuaded her parent's to let her join the Xiǎo gōngnǚ shèhuì, the little princess society, where she developed her interests in kung fu and Taoism. In her teens, while visiting family in India, she was spotted practicing her forms and qi gong by a talent scout. She began her Bollywood career as an action actor not long after.

Although quite famous in Bollywood and Hong Kong she is little known in her hometown and frequently comes back to enjoy some modicum of anonymity.

Unfortunately this brought her under the sorcerous influence of Belladonna.

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