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Heroes Unlimited: Phenomenal Paragons: Road Rash (Symbiotic)

Richard O'Shea thought breaking into Ridgestar Laboratories would net him a small fortune but instead it got him an infection of Vlytetians; a symbiotic hive mind that grants Richard superhuman powers as Road Rash, the supersonic thief.
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This is the tenth character in my Phenomenal Paragons series. The introduction to which is here. It is inspired by Jacob Pisson's World's Strongest series, here.

Everyone with more than two brain cells to rub together like Venom right? Marvel's ultimate anti-hero with his weird love/hate fixation on Spiderman? Sure they do. Which is why Heroes Unlimited has an entire class dedicated to the archetype.

Personally I feel Venom is a bit of a two-note villain who can't really exist without Spidey to bounce off of, but that's just me. Although the movie was good.
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So. Let's get on with this then.

Step One: The Usual.

Our normal 11's across the board. It's noted that we should pencil the numbers in as they might change later. I should point out that this class is in Powers Unlimited volume 2. The second character expansion for Heroes Unlimited. I think we should know that by now, Kev.

Step Two: Hit Points & S.D.C.

Again it's the usual with Hit Points for the character. But with a random bonus which comes to +7 for us. The symbiote gets its own Hit Points, here totaling to 20, and an A.R. of 10.

For SDC we get a base of 30 for the character. The symbiote doesn't get any.

Step Three: Background & Abilities.

Where did the symbiote come from?

It was 'liberated' from a genetics lab by our hero villain. Who knows if this is where it originated.

Symbiote's Appearance.

Tiny worm-like creatures in the blood. It has no effect on the character's appearance.

Symbiote's Intelligence.

Symbiote is sentient. It has an IQ of 13, ME 14 and MA 17. It has a lifespan of 100 years.
It has the following psionic powers: Empathy, Telepathy (both of which it can use on the host for free), See Aura, Mind Block (self only), Time Sense, and Read Dimensional Portal. It has 56 I.S.P.
The host gains +1 to saves versus psionics, illusions and magic. +2 to save versus possession.

Symbiote Eats.

Normal food. It double's the amount of food the host eats.

Benefits Gained by Host.

Increased SDC: +50 SDC.
Increased Reflexes: +1 PP, +3 Automatic Dodge.

Determining Super Abilities:

2 major abilities and 2 minor abilities to do with speed...

So... For my first major power I pick Sonic Speed.
This gives us +1 attack per round, +100 SDC, +3 PE, +6 initiative, +1 strike, +3 parry, +4 automatic dodge, +6 roll with impact, +1 pull punch.
There's a bunch of stuff about damage which I'll put down in the final character sheet to save space.
Of course the main thing this power does is permit a character run at Mach 1. Which is about 767.2 mph, or Speed 1,096. Don't worry, I'm not going to start doing that in this case. The character can reach top speed in one action, creating a sonic boom. They can swim 300 mph, dive to 300 feet and have a pressure tolerance of 350'. Also add 60' height and 100' breadth to leaps with a running start.
Finally they also get 500' night vision, which is about half to a third of what they need.

My second major power is Rocket Charge. A burst of Mach 2 speed for a brief period during which time the character leaves a trail of fire and hits hard.
This lets a character run at 1,500 mph, +100 mph per level, for 1d4 rounds. So up to a minute. It then takes another 1d4 rounds for the power to recharge. It takes only 1 action to go from a standstill to top speed.
I'm treating it like an afterburner for sonic speed.
+1 attack per round, +3 initiative; +1 strike, parry and dodge. +3 roll with impact and +2 damage per 100 mph of speed.
It increases leaping distance by +20' in both height and breadth for every 100 mph of speed. Only +10' if moving under 100 mph.
Melee attacks do 2d6 damage for every 100 mph of speed, which means 30d6 at top speed just to start. There's a 80% chance to cause knockback. It costs 1 attack at under 800 mph or two attacks if faster. The character is +1 to strike but can only apply bonuses from PP.
There's also a ricochet attack which can attack up to 3 people at first level, although they have to be within 50 feet of each other and each attack is rolled separately.
Lastly there's the flame trail which follows a character for 2d6 seconds. Given that the character is travelling at 2250 feet per second this means that the trail is between 4,500 feet and 27,000 feet with an average of 15,750 feet. So that's an average of a 3 mile flaming trail that can start fires of its own. It doesn't say how much damage it does.
Shush Jack. It'll be fine. They're smart cookies.
We get +30 SDC, and only take half damage from fire and heat, unless it's magical. We can judge distances by 1d4 feet and speed by 1d6 mph.

Our first minor power is Extraordinary Prowess. It's identical in every regard to the power as described under Swift Justice.

Our second minor power is Physical Perfection. Again it's identical to its description under Ms. Fury's write-up.

Step Four: Education and Skills. 

Rolling for education we get Trade School. I immediately take the opportunity to take the Professional Thief program and double down on it. This gives us:
Locksmith, Prowl, Climbing, and Surveillance Systems.
The second pass gets us a pick of five skills. I go with:
Streetwise, Find Contraband, Pick Pockets, Safe Cracking, and Concealment.
Finally we get 8 secondary skills. My choices are:
Basic Hand-to-Hand, +2 attacks, +2 roll with impact, +2 pull punch.
Athletics, +1 parry, dodge & roll with impact; +1 PS, +3 Spd, +5 SDC.
Body-Building, +2 PS, +10 SDC.
Running, +1 PE, +10 Spd, +3 SDC.
Swimming, Business & Finance, Cooking, General Repair.

Step Five: Alignment.

6, Miscreant.

Step Six: Rounding Out.

I've been skipping this step before because, reasons. The important stuff ends up on the finished character sheet anyway. So why break the habit of a lifetime. Lets move onto the finished character sheet.

Name: Richard O'Shea.
Super Identity: Road Rash.
Level: 1, Symbiotic.
Height: 5'8", Weight: 120 lbs, Age: 23.
Alignment: Miscreant.
Disposition: Wild, cocky and overconfident. Takes unnecessary risks.
IQ 11 [13], ME 11 [14], MA 13 [17], PS 16, PP 18, PE 16, PB 19, Spd 35.
Hit Points: 33, S.D.C.: 245, P.P.E.: 20, I.S.P.: [56]

Sonic Speed:
Rocket Charge:
Extraordinary Prowess:
Physical Perfection:

[Psionics: Symbiote Only]
Empathy (4), Telepathy (4), See Aura (6), Mind Block (4), Time Sense (2), Read Dimensional Portal (6).

Athletics, Basic Hand-to-Hand, Basic Maths, Body Building, Business & Finances, Climb, Concealment, Cooking, English Language, English Literacy, Find Contraband, General Repair, Locksmith, Pick Pockets, Pilot Automobile, Prowl, Running, Safe Cracking, Streetwise, Surveillance Systems, Swimming.

Coma/Death: +9%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins: +1
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +2
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +1
Psionics (15+): +1
Possession: +2

Attacks: 2+4
Initiative: +9
Strike: +3 (+4 Rocket Charge; +1 Ricochet Attack.)
Damage: +1 (+2/100mph)
 1d6 Normal Punch
 2d6 Fast Punch/Kick
 2d6+2/100mph Rocket Charge
 4d6 Superfast Punch
 5d6 Superfast Kick
 5d6 Ricochet Attack
 1d6x10 Superfast Power Punch (2atk)
 2d4x10 Superspeed Body-slam (3atk)
Dodge: +2
Autododge: +10
Parry: +5
Roll with Impact: +11
Pull Punch: +3

Carry Capacity: 160 lbs; Lifting 320 lbs.
Stamina: Carry for 64 minutes. Carry maximum for 32 minutes. Lift for 16 rounds.
Ground Speed: 24 mph; 700 mph, duration as stamina. 1,500 mph for 1d4 minutes.
Swimming Speed: 48 yards (144 ft.) per round; 300 mph for 16 minutes (64 rounds; 960 seconds)
Leaping Distance: 64 ft. high, 108 ft. broad from a sonic speed start. 4 ft. high, 8 ft. broad from a running start. 2 ft. high, 5 ft. broad from a standing start.

Richard O'Shea's lack of imagination led him to break into Ridgestar Labs; he just couldn't imagine what he would find. The lab was guarded by robots but these were all on the same power grid. Richard physically disabled it, along with all the magnetic locks. It would be day before anyone noticed. He loaded the van up with valuable looking equipment and then opened the wrong door. A mass of worm like creatures overwhelmed him, burrowing into him. By rights he should have died. But when opened his eyes he was miles away and running like a maniac. He heard voices; the worms were inside him, talking to him, giving him power to run at supersonic speeds.

They called themselves the Vlytetians, they said that they came from elsewhere, but they didn't know where or how they got to the lab. But they wanted to know and Richard was going to be their chauffeur.

Since then they traveled around looking for answers, pulling off the odd robbery to fund their travels. This has brought them to Ennor where Ridgestar have a number of facilities.

Oh, Richard lacks imagination but the Vlytetians are schemers.

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