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Heroes Unlimited: Phenomenal Paragons: Swift Justice (Super Soldier)

In some places the reach of the law is long, but in Guardian city on the island of Ennor the law is fleet of foot. Jade Justice, transformed into Britain's speediest police officer, has the fastest beat in the country; a foot patrol at over 200 miles an hour. She is Swift Justice.
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Olivia Coleman as PC Doris Thatcher. Not Swift Justice, but the same energy.
This is the seventh character in my Phenomenal Paragons series. The introduction to which is here. It is inspired by Jacob Pisson's World's Strongest series, here.

Okay. So not a super soldier but a super cop. Guardian city doesn't need super soldiers patrolling its streets, although it may still get them, I'm undecided as yet.

In the main rules the Super Soldier is a sub-class of the Experiment class. Some organisation has used super science to create a living weapon. However in Powers Unlimited volume 2 the Super Soldier is expanded upon and several more options are given based upon other Palladium properties. So I'm going to use those rules instead.

I first mentioned Jade Justice back in Guardian Angel's profile; every cop needs their buddy/partner. I thought it'd be interesting to mirror Nicholas Angel/Danny Butterman relationship but flip some attributes with Alex and Jade. So where Nicholas is lithe and agile Alex is muscular and strong. Likewise where Danny is a blunt heavy object, Jade is going to be about speed.

I'm making a speedster.

Speedsters in Heroes Unlimited are not up in the ballpark of DC's The Flash or even Marvel's  Quicksilver. A character can only run at 7 mph for every 10 points of the Speed (Spd.) attribute. Usain Bolt, who can sprint 100m at 28 mph, would have a Speed of 40. That's only 2 points short of what an incredibly lucky, maxed out, PC with the running skill could have. (18 for attribute roll, +6 for the 16+ bonus, +18 from Running for a Speed of 42. Making him 1 in 279,936) A Speed. of 42 is 29.4 mph.

Adding super powers into the mix is, well, slightly disappointing. While there are powers that boost speed, and the Mystical Endowment class gives a 5x multiplier to the attribute from the get go, the actual super-speed powers just set a top speed without touching Speed at all. If there's a speed attribute and all it defines is how fast a character is then I expect it to be used for that, not ignored when the numbers get large.

Taking the minor power "Extraordinary Speed" as an example as the minimum default for speedsters. Although I'd probably class anyone with a Speed of greater than 50 as a speedster. As I said before, rather than boost Speed it just gives the character a maximum speed of 220 mph with an additional 20 mph per level. All the other minor powers that are "Extraordinary [attribute]" do give a bonus to that attribute, and adjacent ones as you'll see later, but Extraordinary Speed is the single exception. I can't figure out why, outside of potentially 'broken' synergies such as giving a Mystical Endowment class Extraordinary Speed and getting someone who can run supersonic with only a minor power. It's not the power that breaks things but the Speed multiplier. I don't have a problem with that. So I've house-ruled, in this instance that instead of giving a ground speed of 220 mph Extraordinary Speed adds +320 to Speed and +30 Speed per level.

For play I might randomise that as +5d12x10 Speed, +1d6x10 Speed/level. We shall see.
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Moving Along... Naruto run!

Step One: The Eight Attributes.

The usual. Elevens across the board.

Step Two: Hit Points & S.D.C.

Hit Points equal PE, +1d6 per level, as always.
Starting SDC is 40.

Step Three: Background Data.

Here we find out what sort of organisation funded the super soldier program and why.

Sponsor: Secret Organisation.

As stated elsewhere the procedure was carried out by the C.A.C.. Who the C.A.C. are is a matter for a future post.

Motivation: Crime Fighting/Police/Law Enforcement.

 I actually rolled up Military/Espionage/Spy/Special Forces, but that's a bit much. Maybe it's a bit of both and Jade's loyalties may be tested down the line.

Nature: Unknown.

I'm hand-waving here. I have some ideas but nothing to share right now. Jade's recollection of whatever process she underwent is hazy at best and conflicting at worst.

Test Subject: Mutant.

I  don't like the 'official' HU setting where mutants are assumed to be property by the general public. Sure some mutant animal might have been made in a lab, but mutant humans? The eugenics (genetically engineered) class is again completely different from mutants in general. Sorry, I'm not expressing my thoughts well here as this is a topic that sets me off and gets my brain-otters screaming.

So in the Phenomenal Paragons setting the person-hood of all intelligent beings is recognised under international law. A person being defined as any sophont, and sophont having a legal definition far too complicated for me to thumbnail here. Suffice to say creating a person and treating them like property is recognised as a crime; child abuse, slavery, people trafficking. Really juicy crimes-against-humanity stuff. Furthermore a person's genome is their own property, and can't be sold or patent-claimed by anyone else. A process may be patented, but not the end result. The profitability of gene-farming, genetic engineering and a whole mess of other things just went through the floor.

Sure some individuals, organisations and countries are going to ignore these laws but then every setting needs its villains.

Jade gets +2 PS and +2 PP as well as +30 SDC just for being a mutant. Rolling twice on the mutations table we get Prehensile Feet and an Angelic Face. The prehensile feet mutation means that her footwear is bespoke and while barefoot she's +30% to climbing skills, is +1 to dodge, and can use her feet as secondary hands that are -6 to strike with ranged or thrown weapons, can pick up and carry items of up to 30 lbs. or less, and do anything a hand can do but with 25% less dexterity. Angelic face gives her +7 PB.

Current Status: Active Agent.

Jade gets paid an additional £150k per annum by the C.A.C. just for doing her regular job.

Replication of Program: A Qualified Success.

The C.A.C. can produce super humans/soldiers. However power levels and abilities are not reliably repeatable at this time. Possibly due to the process being dependent on the subject having latent or limited expression of mutant genes. Which is to say no super powers. Jade is an example of this limited expression as her feet and attractiveness were things she was born with.

Super Abilities:

4 Minor powers.
Extraordinary Speed: +320 Spd, +30 Spd/level, +50 SDC, +1 attack per round, +1 initiative, +2 strike, +3 parry, +2 pull punch, +4 roll with impact, +6 dodge, +2 autododge, +4 damage per 20 mph of speed (@29 Spd).
Extraordinary Physical Prowess: +5 PP, +7 Spd, +1 attack per round, +3 autododge, +10% to physical skills requiring dexterity.
Healing Factor: +5 PE, +13 HP, +25 SDC, +20% save vs Coma, +3 save vs magic & poison, +3 save vs Psi. Recovers 3 SDC every 10 minutes (18/hour), 1 HP every 15 minutes (4/hour). Twice every 24 hours can "super heal" to recover from 4d6 damage. Never fatigues. Takes half damage from fire and cold. Drugs, toxins and the like are only 1/3rd as effective. No scars and bones heal 10x as fast.
Superhuman Strength: +25 PS. Carry 200x PS, lift 300x PS. Fatigues at half rate, but half of never is still never.

We also get a couple of rolls on the Supersoldier Enhancement Table.
Increased Physical Agility & Dexterity: Base PP=22, ambidextrous, +1 attack per round, +2 initiative, +5% to skills requiring agility and dexterity. 
Attempt at Invulnerability:  +80 lbs. of muscle, AR 14, +7 HP, +140 SDC, +1 PS, +1 PE.
There's also an enhancement that triples Speed but I decide against it.

Step Four: Education and Skills.

There's a choice between Military or Military Specialist. I go for the latter but replace the military basic with Police Basic.
Since I know where I'm going with this I also replace police basic's Basic Hand-to-Hand with Running, +1 PE, +10 Spd, +3 SDC.
Next I replace W.P. Pistol with W.P. Blunt
Then there's Basic Radio, Criminal Science, Law (General), and Surveillance Systems all with +20%.
Next is the Espionage program. Actually two and a bit programs.
We start with Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, +2 attacks per round, +3 roll with impact, +2 initiative and +3 pull punch.
Detect Ambush, Intelligence, Wilderness Survival, Interrogation, and Detect Concealment all at +20%.
Then Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Sniper and Tracking at +15%.
Finally Find Contraband & Illegal Weapons, Prowl, and Streetwise all at +10%. Which are extra skills from the super soldier class.
Next we have three modern weapon proficiencies. Looking forward again (to later in the rules) I pick W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Energy Rifle, and W.P. Heavy Energy Weapons.
Then we have a program of choice. I go with Physical:
Acrobatics, 2d4 damage kick attack, +2 roll with impact, +1 PS, +1 PP, +1 PE and +3 SDC. +15% to Climb and +5% to Prowl.
Boxing, +1 attack per round, +2 parry, +2 dodge, +1 roll with impact, +2 PS, +10 SDC.
Gymnastics, +2 roll with impact, +2 PS, +1 PP, +2 PE, +7 SDC. +5% to Climb and +5% to Prowl.
Wrestling, Pin 18+, 1d4 damage crush attack, +1 roll with impact, +1 PS, +3 Spd, +5 SDC.
Lastly we have five secondary skills:
Body Building, +2 PS, +10 SDC.
Athletics, +1 parry, +1 dodge, + roll with impact, +1 PS, +3 Spd, and +5 SDC.
Cooking, Swimming, and SCUBA.

Step Five: Alignment.

2, Scrupulous.

Step Six: Rounding Out & Special Equipment.

3 costumes incorporating modern armour. 

She doesn't really need it as her skin is almost as tough as riot armour but she her stab-proof vest in her uniform has class 4 plates incorporated in it as does her P.R.A.T. armour.

A pair of wrist blasters.

A combat car. 

A P.R.A.T. squad car. Usually driven by Guardian Angel. It can't keep up with Jade at full speed.

Name: Police Sgt. Justice, Jade
Super Identity: Swift Justice.
Level: 1, Supersoldier.
Height: 5'3", Weight: 200 lbs. (all muscle), Age: 24.
Alignment: Scrupulous.
Disposition: Gung-ho, guts and glory type. Which is what got her beaten to begin with.
Team: The P.R.A.T. Squad.
IQ 11, ME 11, MA 11, PS 49, PP 31, PE 22, PB 18, Spd 381.
Hit Points: 45, S.D.C.: 336, P.P.E.: 20.

Super Powers:
Extraordinary Physical Prowess.
Extraordinary Speed.
Healing Factor: Recovers 3 S.D.C. every 10 minutes (18 S.D.C./hour), 1 Hit Point every 15 minutes (4 HP/Hour). Never fatigues. Half damage from fire and cold. Bones heal at x10 rate. No scarring. Drugs and poisons only a third as effective.
Superhuman Strength.
Mutant Features: 
Prehensile Feet, Angelic Face.
Supersoldier Enhancements:
Increased Physical Agility & Dexterity.
Attempt at Invulnerability: A.R. 14.

Natural Skills:
Ambidextrous, Barefoot Climbing/Rappelling 75%, Charm/Impress 40%, Climbing/Rappelling 45%, Paired Weapons.
Scholastic Skills:
Acrobatics, Basic Radio, Boxing, Criminal Science, Detect Ambush, Detect Concealment, Find Contraband, Gymnastics, Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts, Intelligence, Interrogation, Law (General), Pick Locks, Pick Pockets, Prowl, Running, Sniper, Streetwise, Surveillance, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, W.P. Blunt, W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Energy Rifle, W.P. Heavy Energy, Wrestling.
Secondary Skills:
Athletics, Body Building, Cooking, SCUBA, Swimming.

Coma/Death: +34%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins (15+): +7
Horror Factor: +0
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +7
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +7
Psionics (15+): +7
Possession: +0

Initiative: +3
Attacks per Round: 2+6
Strike: +10, +11 (Blunt)
Damage: +34, +4/20 mph.
 1d4 Punch
 1d6 Nightstick
 2d4 Acrobatic/Gymnastic Kick
Dodge: +17
Automatic Dodge: +5
Parry: +14, +15 (Blunt)
Roll with Impact: +14
Pull Punch: +5

Carry Capacity: 9,800 lbs; Lifting 14,700 lbs.
Stamina: Indefinite.
Ground Speed: 266.7 mph.
Swimming Speed: 147 yards (441 ft.) per round.
Leaping Distance: 49 ft. high, 98 ft. broad from a running start. 29.4 ft. high, 58.8 ft. broad from a standing start.

After the mutated monstrosity known only as The Aberration put her and her partner, Alexander Angel, in the hospital Jade Justice had every reason to believe that her career, if not her life as an able bodied human being, was over. But her mother, the chief constable, pulled some strings and had her moved to the care of the C.A.C.; the Council of Altruistic Constables, or something. Using some process she only dimly recalls (was there really a unicorn?), they awoke her latent mutant genes, unlocking superhuman levels of healing, agility, speed and strength.

Although officially her powers erupted as a result of her injuries at the hands of The Aberration.

Now a founding member of the city's Paranormal Resources And Tactics squad she and her partner, who has found his own route to power as Guardian Angel, are part of Ennor's primary defense force against super powered villainy.

Join us next week for... 54...


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