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Heroes Unlimited: Phenomenal Paragons: Psiton (Psionic Mega Hero)

Brigadiere Gian Tiber Falco of the Carabinieri was raised by his grandparents and never knew his actual parents. However after they both passed he discovered that his mother was the supervillain Psirena, leader of the Psirens. The discovery destroyed his sanity and unlocked immense psychic power. Now as Psiton he has come to Ennor, the place of his mother's death, seeking answers, and perhaps vengeance.
A good representation of Mamma Falco.
This is the eighth character in my Phenomenal Paragons series. The introduction to which is here. It is inspired by Jacob Pisson's World's Strongest series, here.

So I have to roll up a psionicist. Not my favourite class as they can feel a little underpowered when compared to some others. I know that The Haunter has psionics and can hold their own but they feel under powered.

Psionics, for those of you who don't know, are the good old fashioned psychic/esper "powers of the mind". Such as telepathy, telekineses, E.S.P. and precognition. In the Megaverse system these are powered via Inner Strength Points (commonly shortened to I.S.P.) with each power having an associated point cost to activate. Psionic powers are split into four fairly self-descriptive groups: Healing, Physical, Sensitive and Super. The first three groups are "lesser" powers, more like spells, while the powers of the Super category are like minor super powers, only requiring I.S.P. to use.

The rules for creating a psionic character are so brief that they occupy a single page plus a quarter of another. That's for two separate classes. The Natural Psionic and the Latent Psionic. 

The natural is the class you get if you're creating a pure psionics character. Like now.

The latent is for a character who is also a psionic such as a character who has psionic powers and super powers, like a mutant or a character like The Haunter... Which would have been good to know back when I was creating him.

Step One: The Usual.

Elevens for attributes across the board. However we get +5 to ME and +2 MA.

Step Two: The Natural Psionic.

We get 10 psionic spells powers from the healing, physical and sensitive. We also get 3 super psionic powers. All at first level. We get more powers at later levels but I'm not going there yet.

Our save versus psionics is 10+, rather than the 15+ of most people.

For the regular powers I go with Bio-Regeneration (Self), and Detect Psionics from healing; Deaden Senses, Mask I.S.P. & Psionics, Mind Block, Summon Inner Strength and Telekinesis from physical; Astral Projection, Intuitive Combat, and Telepathy from sensitive.

For the super psionics I pick Hypnotic Suggestion, Mind Bolt and Psionic Invisibility.

Step Three: Alignment.

6, Miscreant. Good. I'm low on villains.

Step Four: Education.

Military. We get military basic program, another military program (both at +10%), a third program (at +5%), and 8 secondary skills.
Military Basic gives us Hand-to-Hand Basic, Running (+1 PE, +10 Spd, +3 SDC), Climbing, Military Etiquette, Basic Radio, and W.P. Rifle.
I stall for a moment. The military programs are Demolitions, Advanced Piloting or Police.
I pick Police. A corrupt psychic military policeman. This gives us Hand-to-Hand Basic, again. I upgrade our Hand-to-Hand to Expert. W.P. Pistol, Basic Radio (again), Criminal Science, Law, and Intelligence.
I then pick police all over again. This lets me pick four skills from espionage and/or rogue. I select Find Contraband, Interrogation, Detect Concealment and Seduction.

During this process I generate a character name using the random renamer tool over on Behind the I get Gian Tiber Falco, an Italian national. A quick Google later and I read up on the Carabinieri. Which is perfect. 

For our secondary skills I start with English Language and English Literacy. Body Building for some muscle (+2 PS, +10 SDC), Computer Ops, Research, Land Navigation, Prowl, and Horsemanship

Of course we get Italian Language and Italian Literacy, as well as Pilot Automobile and Basic Maths

So that's that.
No wait.
I have a d10 roll left. 1 means I have a crazy character and 0 is a mega hero villain...
Oh! My first proper mega-character (I'm not counting immortals).

Step Five: Mega!

The Mega Hero is essentially a template that's applied to pre-existing super characters. in the main rules it only really works with characters with super powers. However there's an edition of The Rifter magazine that expands the Mega Hero to other characters.

All ranges (say of perception or psionics), SDC and ISP are increased to 150% of normal. Healing rate is increased by a random amount. In our case x3. 
Finally they are considered a supernatural creature. Any attributes that can become supernatural do so. Thus they have a supernatural strength, as in the major power of the same name, although without any bonuses to their strength.

So their strength remains 13 but is otherwise supernatural. Combat-wise, at this level of power, it essentially doubles the number of dice rolled for damage. Carrying capacity is something like 15 time normal.
We get +2 to save versus possession and horror, as well as +1 to save versus magic.

Next we get a mega-power and an Achilles heel; power and weakness. There are only three psionics specific mega-powers and one of those references a book I don't have. There aren't and psionics specific weaknesses.

I pick Incredible ISP Recovery as my power, meaning I go from recovering 6 ISP per hour of meditation to recovering 6 ISP per minute of meditation.

Rolling for the weakness I get Major Character-Defining Insanity. It looks like I'm getting mega and crazy in one. Rolling on I generate Multiple Personalities with three separate personas.

The first is Psiton, the main persona. Miscreant aligned neophyte supervillain seeking to recreate his late mother's criminal gang, the Psirens. He is oblivious to the existence of the other two personalities. He is active roughly half the time (a roll of 1-3 on a d6).
The second is Gian Falco. A Scruplous aligned "Arrogant Warrior" type. He gets +10% to all skills and a +1 to parry. He's Gian's idealised self image as a Carabinieri; a hero and fighter. He is aware of the other two personas occupying 'his' body. He hates and seeks to stop both of them but is too arrogant to get help in doing so. He has all the same powers and abilities as Psiton. He's active roughly a third of the time (a roll of 4-5 on a d6).
The third is Tiber Falco. An Aberrant aligned "Ripper" type; a serial killer. He's -10% to all skills that don't directly help him in acquiring, torturing and killing his victims. He gets +1 to strike. He's the shadow of the bunch; the darkest of their collective dark sides. Yet he has a strict and inflexible code of honour. He has nearly all of the same powers and abilities as Psiton but lacks Mind Blast, instead having Psi-Sword; the tool for all of his crimes. He knows about the other personas. Tiber is active 1/6th of the time (a 6 on a d6).

The M.O. of Tiber Falco.

Tiber hunts women who he believes have latent psionic abilities. He tortures them with his Psi-Sword, hoping to trigger an eruption. When they die after failing to erupt he excises their pineal gland; leaving a third 'eye' cut into their forehead.
He doesn't hunt men or children as he sees himself as Psiton's recruiter and the original Psirens were all female.

Two alter-egos seems fairly heavy as an Achilles Heel and given that the Crazy Hero counts as three I decide that Psiton deserves another mega-power. I pick the other psionic one: Tremendous I.S.P.. This gives us a bonus of +300 I.S.P.

Name: Brigadiere Gian Tiber Falco
Super Identity: Psiton
Level: 1, Natural Psionicist.
Height: 5'11", Weight: 165 lbs. Age: 27.
Alignment: Miscreant.
Disposition: Mean, suspicious and vengeful.
Team: The Psirens.
IQ 11, ME 16, MA 13, PS 13 (supernatural), PP 11, PE 12, PB 11, Spd 21.
Hit Points: 15, S.D.C.: 65, P.P.E.: 30, I.S.P.: 453.

Incredible I.S.P. Recovery: +6 per minute of meditation. +1 per minute of activity.
Mega-Powered: All ranges are 150% of normal. Heals at 3x normal speed and is considered a supernatural being.
Tremendous ISP.

Scholastic Skills:
Basic Maths, Basic Radio, Climbing, Criminal Science, Find Contraband, Detect Concealment, Hand-to-Hand Expert, Intelligence, Interrogation, Italian Language, Italian Literacy, Law (Italian), Military Etiquette, Pilot Automobile, Running, Seduction, W.P. Pistol, W.P. Rifle.
Secondary Skills:
Body Building, Computer Ops, English Language, English Literacy, Horsemanship, Land Navigation, Prowl, Research.

Psionic Powers:
Healing Powers:
Bio-Regeneration (self) (6), Detect Psionics (6).
Physical Powers:
Deaden Senses (4), Mask I.S.P. & Psionics (7), Mind Block (4), Summon Inner Strength (4), Telekinesis (varies).
Sensitive Powers:
Astral Projection (8), Intuitive Combat (10), Telepathy (4).
Super-Psionic Powers:
Hypnotic Suggestion (6), Mind Blast (6/die), Psionic Invisibility (10).

Coma/Death: +0%
Harmful Drugs/Toxins: +0
Horror Factor: +2
Magic (Spells 12+, Circles/Wards 13+, Ritual 16+): +1
Poison (Lethal 14+, Non-Lethal 16+): +0
Psionics (10+): +0
Possession: +2

Initiative: +0, +3 (intuitive)
Attacks per Round: 2+2
Strike: +0, +1 (intuitive)
1d4 Restrained Punch
2d4 Punch
3d6 Power Punch
Dodge: +0, +4 (intuitive)
Parry: +0, +1 (intuitive)
Roll with Impact: +2, +4 (intuitive)
Pull Punch: +4, +8 (intuitive)
Disarm: +0, +2 (intuitive)

Carry Capacity: 3,900 lbs; Lifting: 6,500 lbs.
Stamina: Carry Max 480 minutes, 240 minutes while running or fighting. Lifting for 120 rounds (1800 seconds; 30 minutes).
Ground Speed: 18.9 mph for 120 minutes.
Swimming Speed: Can't swim.
Leaping Distance: 52 ft. high and 78 ft broad with a running start, 31.2 ft high and 46.8 ft broad from a standing start.

A decade ago the Psirens, an all female 'coven' of psychic 'witches', attempted to seize Ennor as their private fiefdom. They were defeated by the island's superhuman populations with heavy losses on both sides. The supersoldier Brigadier Garret defeated Psirena, the Psirens's leader, before succumbing to his own wounds.

Gian Tiber Falco grew up in Milan with his maternal grandparents and never knew his true parents. At the age of 18 he joined the Carabinieri and soon rose to the rank of Brigadiere. He was happy in his job, a good policeman and faithful grandson. However after both his grandparents passed away within a month of each other Gian made a startling discovery. His mother's identity was Serena Falco, the late supervillain Psirena.

The discovery caused Falco to suffer a psychotic break which in turn caused the eruption of his psychic powers. These long latent psychic abilities manifested along with the persona of Psiton which 'killed' Gian and took over. Going AWOL and leaving the country for Ennor, Psiton now seeks to recreate the Psirens in the place of their final defeat.

What Psiton doesn't know is that Gian still exists in his subconscious along with a murderous alter-ego, Tiber. Each with their own goals. Gian wants his life and body back while Tiber tortures and murders women he believes to un-erupted psychics, trying to force their powers to manifest. Goodness knows what he'll do if he succeeds.

Tune in next week for... 22...


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